Latin pronunciation help wanted


Deus, in adiutórium meum inténde.

Is adiutorium pronounced like adjective? Or like ad-jew?

Meum pronounced like may-oom or mee-oom?

Dómine, ad adiuvándum me festína.

Same for adiuvandum?

Is me pronounced mee, mi or me (like let)?



Vowels are pronounced in Latin like in Spanish or Italian, that can be a reference if you know something about those languages. That means that spoken sounds will always correspond with the written symbols, unlike English where words like “blood” and “brood” are pronounced with a different vocalic sound in spite of having the same written vowels.

You can also use Google Translate to know how a word is pronounced:
Just type the word in the left box, and click on the speaker that appears in the bottom left corner.
(By the way, it uses the same voice as for Italian :slight_smile: )


Neither. It’s pronounced ad-yew, or better still, like ah-dyew, close to the way some English speakers mis-pronounce the French “adieu”.


Yes. Ah-dyew-vahn-doom.

The pronoun me? None of the above. It’s always pronounced “may”.


Me:-oom (e: as in the prononciation sounds for English)


Another poster, @bcirka, asked the same question a year ago. If you check the thread you’ll see the names of some websites where you can listen to teachers of Latin pronunciation.


I don’t have an answer to this post but thought I’d share a related anecdote.

I was asked to sing at a wedding at our parish and practiced hard for several days before hand. As the mother’s were seated I sang the Ave Maria. After the mass, our pastor who had officiated the mass came along side me walking out to my car and said, “Michael, your Ave Maria was simply beautifully sung, you have a wonderful voice. But perhaps you could drop by the rectory in the next few days and we can work on your Latin pronunciation.” :joy:


The diu in adiutorium is dee-OO, pronounced quickly so it sounds like dyoo.

Meum should be meh-oom. There should not be an audible “y” sound in between the syllables.

Me is like “let”.

Latin vowels are really easy. A is always “Ah”. I is always “ee”. O is always “aw”. U is always “oo”. (not you) There is some discussion of E, because some people pronounce “eh” if the vowel is in the beginning or middle of a word and more like “ay” at the end of a word. I usually stick with “eh” regardless.


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