Latin Psalms/ Hymns for Liturgy of the Hours


I was just wondering, assuming this site s official

I was just wondering, were is the 4 week Psalter and hymns on here?



I do not know that it is “official”, but I believe it is correct.

I likewise do not know that the Psalter is available at the site as a separate resource? As far as I know the psalms are inlined during Ordinary Time, or linked (Psalmodia) during other seasons.



Yes that site appears to be correct; the Latin psalms are correct, and are accented which facilitates chant.

All the psalms are also available on the Vatican website, in Latin, but in numerical order (not arranged for the LOTH), moreover last time I checked they were not accented, making them difficult to use for chanting.


Thanks! Would you all know of a resource (preferably online) that has the correct Latin Hymns for all the Offices?



I’m not sure about online, the website that you mentioned above should at least have the correct Latin texts for the hymns but that doesn’t help much when it comes to melody.

The official source for the current LOTH both Roman and Monastic rites, is the Liber Hymnarius:

Note that it is always permissible to substitute a simpler melody of the same dimeter if a melody is too complex for one’s skill level. I do it fairly frequently for some of the more complex hymns of the LH where they only provide the notation for the first stanza (which drives me nuts!)


Thanks! Is it okay to use these?

Some of them are form the Roman Breviary of 62, some from Liturgia Horarum. I think the General Instructions say your allowed to substitute Hymns during Ordinary time correct?



Many of the texts of the hymns on those pages were actually revised after Vatican II, restoring them to their traditional texts, after they had been modified by Pope Urban VIII. From the same website:

You can see an example of the changes here, with the hymn Vexilla Regis (one of the most beautiful hymns of the liturgy):

I would therefore be more inclined to use a modern hymnal, although there are some new compositions in it that brought forth similar controversies.

In short, there’s no perfect solution and I don’t think it’s a big issue to use either the pre- or post-Urban VIII versions (or post-Vatican II versions).


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