Latin Rite Icons


I am a huge fan of this one:
Although it may not technically be an icon, it definitely has a very Eastern look to it.


I have heard the same thing part of why I have never ordered icons from there.

For Orthodox the idea of a Sacred Heart icon would be considered heretical to them.

This however is different for Catholics even those of the Eastern rites.

It’s not considered canonical but it’s not forbidden and at the same time it’s not part of their tradition so you won’t likely find any Western imagery let alone statuary in an Eastern Catholic Church.

Here are where I have bought Icons.

I have a Sacred Heart Jesus from the first link.


Be sure to research this company on these forums and the internet.


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Oh boy. To my Syriac eyes, the realism and comicbooky background makes it downright objectionable - like using sacred images for profane use. I understand its called “catholic art” but it offends my sensbilities.


They have actually become Hindu or Buddhist last I looked and produce quite controversial “art”, especially of themes that are outside orthodoxy


Yes the only ones they had that I liked or considered buying were the three archangels and Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

I found out about their new age ties and never ordered from them.

I have a nice set of Russian icons of the three archangels by Sofrino.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is a pretty easy icon to find I bought my wife an off brand lithographed icon from our local Catholic store.


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