latin rosary?

could anyone kindly post a link to a site or something, anything that has the prayers of the rosary in latin. i can’t seem to find any and i would love to renew my devotion to the rosary in this way.

thank you.

I hope this helps…there are more sites available but I think this one will help you the most.

thank you! that is absolutely perfect.


You can download a free Rosary and Divine Mercy prayer from which has Latin as one of the language choices.

Yours in the Spirit


Also note that there is a 2-CD recording “The Rosary With The Pope John Paul II” (1994). It doesn’t include the luminous mysteries, but the prayers are in latin (and there is a printed insert). The mysteries are in English.

Recorded at the Vatican Studios, Rome, Italy.
Original score written by Father Giuseppe Moscati.

THE ROSARY features Pope John Paul II praying and singing the complete mysteries of the Rosary, accompanied by a congregation and original church music and an English narration. This version correctly sequences the five “Joyful Mysteries,” the five “Sorrowful Mysteries,” and the five “Glorious Mysteries.” Royalties will support the Vatican’s Year 2000 Jubilee.

I found a few of them in the dollar store here in Manassas.
They rang up on their computer as “CANDY FILLED MUGS”.

This site has helped me. The speaker is a little fast, but his pronunciation sounds good. I downloaded the two sound files and after several months have final learned all the prayers. Good luck!

thank you all very much. i’ve got what i need. i pray you all will have a blessed Christmas. :slight_smile:

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