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So I’m struggling with my desire to transition to a Byzantine Church, as I live in Central Illinois, so the closest Byzantine Church is a Ruthenian parish 2 hours away, but I’ve been drawn to the Byzantine Rite for some time now (even visit an OCA parish nearby, just to experience the Liturgy). On top of this, I’m also struggling with the reasons of the Schism between the (Byzantine Orthodox) East and the West and also looking to the Orthodox in general. Help guys?

What lures you to the Byzantine East?

The Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, the icons, and the Greek :stuck_out_tongue:

… and perhaps to Orthodoxy vs. Eastern Catholicism?

I’m assuming the nearest Ruthenian parish is Fr. Loya’s church - Annunciation of the Mother of God in Homer Glen, IL. If so and assuming you did indeed visit, it is easy to get hooked once you have done so even once!

If you are closer to Chicago, you might consider one of the Ukrainain or Romanian Greek Catholic parishes in the area, as well (link to directory of Eastern Catholic parishes in Illinois).

Well, the Ruthenians only occasionally use Greek, usually at Pontifical / Hierarchical Divine Liturgy (with bishop as main celebrant).

The “Latin” of the Byzantine-Ruthenian Catholic Church is Old Church Slavonic.

This question I have I guess is more of my lack of understanding of the nature of the Pre-Schism churches, especially the nature of the Bishop of Rome vs the other Patriarchs.

Yes! That was the parish I was referring to! But as I said, I live two hours away, so it’s not like I can go all the time.

This may sound grumpy, but Central Illinois is not close to Chicago in terms of weekly worship, but not Southern Illinois either. There is a Maronite parish in Peoria, of which I am closer to, but that’s still a drive just to go to Mass/Liturgy.

No, that’s understandable. I was only suggesting Chicago based on your stated location (see of Chicago).

BTW - the directory I linked is for the entire state of Illinois, but sounds like you are already fairly aware of the Eastern Catholic presence around you.

Lol, it’s all good. Thanks for reminding me that I still have location as the See of Chicago :stuck_out_tongue: I just moved back to my hometown and forgot to update my location.

I’m in a similar situation. Since leaving Texas, I have NO idea where the nearest Ruthenian Church is. There is one listed in the city of Buffalo, but I can’t seem to get in contact with them. I suspect it was a casualty of the recent rash of church closures.

However, I used to ride three hours to church on sundays from Ft. Hood to Dallas. It’s worth the trip.

I think the closest active Byzantine-Ruthenian presence to you is in Olean, NY (from the Eparchy of Passaic website):

St. Mary
331 Fountain St.
Olean, NY 14760
Phone: 716-688-9290
Rev. Leonard Martin, S.J.

You may be thinking of St. Stephen the Protomartyr in Amherst - not sure of its status. It still appears in some directories, but not in the Eparchial directory. However, I just dug this up:

(From McClatchy-Tribune Regional News - The Buffalo News - New York - May 31, 2009)
Byline: Jay Tokasz

The people of Calvary Evangelical Lutheran Church are in a space they can call their own again.

The small congregation was nomadic since selling its longtime church home at 4110 Bailey Ave. to the Town of Amherst in 2006.

Calvary in February purchased the former St. Stephen Protomartyr Byzantine Catholic Church on Ayer Road near Maple Road. It will host a dedication service Sunday for its new space.

“We had to find someplace in Amherst. We looked all around,” said Inez Lachut, a longtime member of Calvary who led the property search committee. "It …

If you are fairly close to an OCA parish, why not go there for a while to make certain that this is what you want? Then you can decide later if you do want to translate East, and if you want to be Catholic or Orthodox. Basically my advise is, don’t rush into it :wink:

2-hour drive! Whew! I’d only be able to make that on Christmas and Easter, so I guess I’d be one of the Creaster Eastern Catholics. :stuck_out_tongue:

One can have an Eastern spirituality while attending a Latin parish. Plenty of ECs attend RC parishes and still maintain their sprituality. We’re all Catholic, right? One church doesn’t have more of the Eucharist than another church.

I wonder if you guys could do the same magic and find an Eastern Catholic/Orthodox Church near me? I am not a wizard, so I haven’t found one yet.

The Eastern Churches even include leaven, so… :smiley:

Have you tried asking at other message boards? ByzCath is one, not sure if they have a lot of members outside of North America.

Meh, I’m going on holiday tomorrow, so opening an account and a thread there now wont be of much use, I’m afraid.

I will have to disagree. Especially for one who is a beginner in the spirituality (such as myself). The Liturgy is part of the entire life of the spirituality. It would be difficult to grow in Eastern spirituality while going to the Roman Rite.

Maybe you could be a founding member of a mission parish in the Netherlands! :smiley:

No Eastern Catholic presence, but Orthodox for sure. I know of Russian Orthodox churches in Amsterdam (St. Nicholas of Myra) and another in Rotterdam (name escapes me at the moment).

Are you near either city?

They are not as active as CAF so might as well do it today and check back after your holiday.

I think RejoiceAlways was suggesting that there are ECs who maintain their Eastern sense of spirituality while attending RC parishes, likely out of necessity. To your point, easier done if that is your starting point and you were formed as an Eastern Catholic from the beginning.

I could be the deacon, cantor and priest all at the same time :smiley:

Nope, I live in Leiden and only own a bike.

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