Latin to English translation needed


I know very little Latin and need help translating this into a fluid thought in English.
I understand that VIRTUTE is either strength or virtue. FIAT = Let it be done, PAX is peace and IN = in accordance. TVA is a puzzle to me.
Can you please help me out? :slight_smile:

TVA is TUA = your. Does it mean “Peace be within your walls”? That is from Psalm 121 (old numbering system) or Psalm 122 (new numbering system) verse 7.

I see!! Yes I believe it means “Peace be within your walls”. My earlier investigation led me incorrectly to Psalm 121. I did not think to look at Psalm 122.

Thanks diligamus! VIRTUTE TVA FIAT PAX IN!!!

Though as an inflected language, Latin can be freer with word order than English, especially in poetic works, it is really unusual to so separate the preposition *in *and its object virtute tua. The *Vulgata Clementina *has the more reasonable Fiat pax in virtute tua.

I would have said “Let peace be in your strength”, but since the psalm is speaking to Jerusalem, I suppose “walls” is a poetically licensed translation. (However, I suspect the “wall” interpretation is more from the Hebrew – The *Nova Vulgata *has *Fiat pax in

muris tuis

*, which is definitely “your walls”)


I am also trying to learn some Latin. I found a Latin translator that can be downloaded for free. It translates Latin to English but not vice versa. It is very helpful though. Here’s the link:

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