Latin transl. Needed. Mary – at Resurrection

Latin transl. Needed. Mary – at Resurrection

Saint Pope John Paul II spoke how the Blessed Virgin Mary was probably the first to see our resurrected Lord. Eadmer supported this position. Will someone be so kind as to give me an English translation of the relevant text in chapter 5 of his work where he states the same ?

Eadmer (c. 1060 – c. 1126, disciple of Saint Anselm), “De Excellentia Virginis Mariae”
(Excellence of the Virgin Mary) chapter 5



Regarding Jesus visiting His mother first: Mark clearly states that He first appeared to Magdalene.

Umm, Sacred Scripture is pretty definite that she wasn’t.

Now when He rose early on the first day of the week, He appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom He had cast seven demons. --Mark 16:9, NKJV

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Saint Pope John Paul II said “probably”. Jesus did and said a lot of things that are not recorded in Sacred Scripture so it is quite possible and very reasonable that He would go to His Mother first. God Bless, Memaw

I remember reading in a private revelation that Our Lord Jesus Christ visited His Mother first; I do not remember who received that revelation.

I am aware that it is not in the Gospel that Jesus visited His Mother first.

I found this site…a lot of reading that perhaps some of might like to learn from.

It states, among other things, that we are not required to believe as dogma whether Jesus visited her first or not.

I remember reading in a private revelation that Our Lord Jesus Christ visited His Mother first; I do not remember who received that revelation

I think it may have been St Ignatius Loyola.

It was in his spiritual excericises.

Let us approach this in a humble way so that you might see that our Lord Jesus Christ first appeared to His Blessed Mother before appearing to Mary Magdalene.

True. It is not dogma, but it is probable that Mary was first to see Jesus.

There are two private revelations of which I know, but only one that is worth referring to, that being Saint Bridget of Sweden.

However, I do not put much stock in these private revelations by themselves.

So, then are you implying that you know the Bible better than Saint John Paul II ?

Mark 16:9-10
“Now when he rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. She went and told those who …”

Those who know how to interpret the Bible correctly will see the passage above actually implies the Blessed Virgin was the first to see Jesus, but let us save that for another posting.

For those who want to see it in black and white.

  (the original image was in color.  The lady on the right is the Blessed Virgin Mary and she is dressed in blue, but I changed it to grayscale image.)



Popes are infallible only in matters of faith and morals. And Scripture is pretty clear that He appeared to Magdalene first.

How do you figure that?

No, I’m implying that St. Mark knew the situation better than someone who lived a thousand years after the event. When Sacred Scripture clearly states something, I take that authority over even a sainted Pope.

Well, a humble question is better than implying that Saint Pope John Paul II did not have basic understanding of sacred scripture. So, I will answer your question.

But first,

My Dad was the first who taught me about Jesus visiting Mary first. My Dad was, and now in heaven is, a very holy and very wise man. I write about Jesus and His Church. My Dad loved Jesus. From past experiences I learned to be humble accept what he taught me even if I didn’t understand right away.

In Bible study we often get what we deserve. Myself being an exception to that rule I often get so much more than what I deserve because of all the sacrifices of those who are holy pray so much for me.

For example, in the parable about the talents, or coins, the person who only got one said “Master, I knew you were a demanding person, harvesting where you did not plant and gathering where you did not scatter” Matthew 25:24. So, a demanding master is what he got. If a person wants to justify their sins and leave God’s Church He often lets them deceive themselves because their heart is closed to His grace. A loving humble heart is much more open to what God is teaching.

Many teachings about Mary are not so obvious in Sacred Scripture unless a learned and holy person breaks open the meaning for us. Protestants think they are so proud of themselves in “following the Bible” as they reject everything Mary. After all, the Bible speaks so little about Mary, right? Wrong, Wrong. Wrong. A loving heart is what we need.

My Dad taught this teaching on Mary to the RCIA group. Everyone at church ridiculed him for doing so. This did hurt him because he knew he was right. His teaching was based on love. I knew I should accept his teaching because I had come to trust him even when I did not fully understand. He gave several scriptural arguments. And it was about six weeks later that Saint Pope John Paull II the great gave his teaching on Wednesday, 21 May 1997 confirming what my Dad had taught me.

My favorite argument was not based on Scripture, but on love. He said he knew Jesus visited Mary right after His resurrection because that is where my Dad would have been if it had happened to him, implying the obvious that Jesus is HOLY and so much better than my Dad, and Mary is so much more deserving that even my saintly grandmother. Since my Dad loved his Mom so much, how much more did Jesus love Mary.
More to support this argument below.

And second, before I answer your question,

Let us look at why

Mark 16:9-10
“Now when he rose early on the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. She went and told those who …”

is not a proof that Jesus did not appear to Blessed Virgin Mary before visiting Mary Magdalene.

A Flawed Conclusion

Words based on context can several different meanings.
Many bible exegetes have affirmed that the wording is not conclusive as to who received the very first apparition. The great Fr. Cornelius a’ Lapide assert that the word first indicates not an absolute priority, but only a relative priority.
Rupert (De divinis officiis, vii, 25; ML, CLXX, 207), with the approval of Salmeron, Maldonatus, and a number of other exegetes, answers the difficulty drawn from Mark (16:9), “apparuit primo Mariae Magdalenae.” He thinks that the custom of the Roman Church in placing the station for Easter at St. Mary Major confirms our opinion.
[Jesus Christ: His Life, His Teaching and His Work,
By Ferdinand Prat, page 415 notes. The opinion being confirmed is that the Blessed Virgin Mary was the first to see the resurrected Lord.
See [URL=“”]complete context.]
The evangelist Mark was using the term “first” to convey the order of events after the resurrection that he [Mark] relates. First, Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene, and then she went to and then she told the good news to the Apostles. It does not necessarily preclude the possibility of an earlier apparition.
So, Mark was saying first Jesus appeared to Magdalene, and then … without commenting on what Jesus may or may not have done before.

The argument that Mark 16 precludes a visit to Blessed Virgin Mary before Magdalene is based on a supposed conclusion that is not definitive, therefore the proof is flawed. Most of the Church fathers do not address this issue. The ones who deny Mary was visited first base their argument on this flawed conclusion, therefore their testimony must be dismissed as unfounded.


Now, to your question. How does Mark 16 imply Mary was first ?
Actually, it implies it by three different methods.

My Dad would often remind me that some arguments presuppose that we have at least two marbles to roll around in our head. That is, the information in Mark 16 combined with other information that we are expected to know implies Jesus first visited Blessed Virgin Mary.

So, Mark 16 is my first marble. The following information is my second marble.

  1. An Argument based on Justice.

Quotes below from Saint Pope John Paull II“The Gospels mention various appearances of the risen Christ, but not a meeting between Jesus and his Mother. This silence must not lead to the conclusion that after the Resurrection Christ did not appear to Mary; rather it invites us to seek the reasons why the Evangelists made such a choice.”

“ 3. … This inference would also be confirmed by the fact that the first witnesses of the Resurrection, by Jesus’ will, were the women who had remained faithful at the foot of the Cross and therefore were more steadfast in faith.
Indeed, the Risen One entrusts to one of them, Mary Magdalene, the message to be passed on to the Apostles (cf. Jn 20:17-18).”
Saint Pope John Paull II
So, if Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene because she was faithful at the cross, who was even more faithful ? Answer : Blesssed Virgin Mary.

Quote from DTB

Reason 3:
An Argument of Justice.
John Paul II explains why Justice leads us to this conclusion. Mary heard the hammer striking the nails as her Son was fastened to the cross. She saw with her own eyes the lance as it pierced His side and the water and blood that poured out onto the ground. Mary was in perfect union with the Son in his suffering on the Cross. So, from an argument based on justice we have another reason to conclude that Mary would have been the first to share in the joy of His Resurrection.1.
2 Corinthians 1:7
“ … knowing that as you are partakers of the sufferings, so shall you be also of the consolation.” DRB

Saint Augustine taught that the only one who held firm the Faith in the resurrection of Christ during the three days from Good Friday to Easter Sunday was Mary. She was the only believing member of the Church during that triduum.

[So,] what share must not the Virgin-Mother have had in the joys of the Resurrection? We should hold it as a certain truth that Her most sweet Jesus, after His Resurrection, consoled Her first of all.
Frei Francisco

  1. Second implication based on logic

Biblical Reason #1.
Where was Jesus at before Mary Magdalene saw Him ?
Jesus has a physical body. When Mary Magdalene went to the tomb it was empty. She went to the Apostles and He was not there. Later, she sees Him and He says that He has not yet ascended to the Father. John 20:17 To where or to whom had Jesus gone ? With so many prominent individuals eliminated it doesn’t seem hard to choose between Pontius Pilate and the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jn 21:25

  1. Third implication

Biblical Reason #2.
How do we explain Mary’s absence from the tomb on Easter morning ?
Why was she not with Mary Magdalene ?

Mary, most likely a single mother at this point, was very devoted to her only Son and she followed Him all the way to the cross, even when most of the Apostles did not. She faithfully followed Jewish custom. (Luke 2:21-24, 39 John 2:2-5) No doubt Mary was exhausted with grief and probably slept a good part of the Sabbath, but after that what else would she have been thinking about other than her only Son ? When Mary Magdalene (Luke 24:10) went to finish anointing the body why did the Blessed Virgin Mary not go as well ? It only makes sense if Mary had known that Jesus was not there.

Jesus had appeared to Mary first.“3. Indeed, it is legitimate to think that the Mother was probably the first person to whom the risen Jesus appeared. Could not Mary’s absence from the group of women who went to the tomb at dawn (cf. Mk 16:1; Mt 28:1) indicate that she had already met Jesus?”
Saint Pope John Paul II
You can read more and print Free pamphlet at

Was Jesus’ Mother the first to see our Resurrected Lord ?
Pope John Paul II thought so.



Mary wasn’t at the tomb because she already believed He would be raised from death.

The OP should read this.

I would rather read the English translation to the Latin quote that was referenced in my OP.

I have no desire to argue with you.

I have no desire to make you believe anything…

My comments were to Tim D as he asked a sincere question.



That is a heckuva lot of extrapolation from a very short text. Ultimately, though, it is no more than a personal thought or opinion.

I believe the Blessed Virgin Mary was the first to know that Jesus had risen from the dead, even though Mary Magdalene was the first to see Jesus risen from the dead.

That’s a speculation that I could agree with :thumbsup:

Read John 21; 25. God Bless, Memaw

:thumbsup: I agree as well.

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