Latin Translation Badly Needed : Defending Bible Reading by Church Laity


I am preparing a refutation of the often heard charge that between the 16th century till Vatican II the Catholic laity were forbidden or discouraged (officially by the Pope) from reading the Bible. I need an English Translation for the following :

Quote from: Rheims New Testament: The Censure and Approbation

Cum huius versionis ac aeditionis authores, nobis de fide & eruditione sint probè cogniti, aliique S. Theologiae & linguae Anglicanae peritissimi viri contestati sint, nihil in hoc opere reperiri, quod non sit Catholicae Ecclesiae doctrinae, & pietati consentaneum, vel quod ullo modo potestati ac paci civili repugnet, sed omnia potius veram fidem, Reip. Bonum, virtaeque ac morum probitatem promovere: ex ipsorum fide censemus ista utiliter excudi & publicari posse.

PETRUS REMIGIUS Archidiaconus maior Metropolitanae insignes Ecclesiae Rehemsis, Iuris Canonici Doctor, Archipeiscopatus Rhemensis generalis Vicarius.

HUBERTUS MORUS, Rhemensis Ecclesia Decanus, & Ecclesiastes, & in sacratissimae Theologiae facultae Doctor.

JOANNES LE BESGUE, Canonicus Rhemensis, Doctor Theologus, & Canceliarius Academiae Rhemensis.

GUILELMUS BALBUS, Theologiae professor, Collegis Rhemensis Archimagister.

S. August. Lib. I. C. 3. De serm. Do. in monte.

Paupertate spiritus pervenitur ad Scripturarum cognitionem: ubi oportet hominem semitem praebere, ne pervicacibus concertationibus indocilis reddatur.


I ran it through Google translator

When publishing the authors, and the translation of this, to us a matter of faith and learning be honestly of the known, and other members of the ablest commanders warned of sacred theology & the English language are, there is nothing in this work to find it, that it is not of the Catholic teaching of the Church, and consonant with piety, or that he in any way to the power of , and to the peace of civil alter the same, but he would rather give the true faith, more clearly. Good virtaeque and character to promote, through their faith, and we think this could usefully be printed and published.
PETER boating Archdeacon more notable Metropolitan Church Rehemsis, Doctor of Law, Archipeiscopatus Rheims general assistant.

Hubert zany, Dean of the Church of Rheims, and the preacher, and in the most holy Doctor of the faculty of theology.

JOHN LE BESGUE canon of Rheims, Doctor, doctor, and Canceliarius University of Rheims.

William stuttering, professor, college of Rheims Archimagister.

St. Milan. I. C. 3. De Serm. Do. on the mountain.

Poverty of spirit we arrive at the knowledge of the Scriptures, where it is necessary to provide the path of the man, not to be returned to that uncontrollable obstinate disputations.

*Paupertate spiritus pervenitur ad Scripturarum cognitionem: ubi oportet hominem semitem praebere, ne pervicacibus concertationibus indocilis reddatur.

(We come to the understanding of Scriptures through povertie of spirit: where a man must show himself meek-minded, lest by stubborn contentions, he become incapable and unapt to be taught.)

A translation of the entire thing probably won’t do much to refute such claims you noted, so I won’t even try. Here it is in context.

FWIW, Google Translate does Latin. Machine translations are not terriffic, but they can usually get the substance of the text across. Here is that text in Google Translate.

Out of curiosity, what does this passage have to do with forbidding Catholics to read the Bible? It seems to have no connection one way or another.

You were reading my mind.

You’ll find the translation here. See the bottom right corner of page 155.

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