Latin translation

is this correct Latin?

Non nobis domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam

Yes, that is correct Latin. It is Psalm 113:9.

much obliged- thanks

I thought it was Psalm 115?

The numbering system for the Psalms are differant in Catholic and Protestant Bibles. The text you posted is Psalm 113.9 in the Latin Vulgate and all approved Catholic versions.

Hm… the Nova Vulgata at listed it as 115. How odd.

Thank you though :slight_smile:

I checked this out. You are right. The Latin Vulgate of St. Jerome places this passage in Psalm 113, which is the traditional Catholic numbering- which is the same numbering of the Greek Septuagint of antiquity. The Nova Vulgata uses the Protestant system and places this passage in Psalm 115.

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