Latin (Tridentine) Mass Moto Proprio

Does anyone on this forum have any information as to the long anticiped Moto Proprio from Pope Benedict XVI authoring the (relatively) free use of the Latin Tridentine Mass? Is it on the way or not, and if not, why?

In either case, is using the present Mass of Pope Paul VI (Novis Ordo) in Latin likley to become the norm as a transitional measure, at least for now?


100% not wrong yet

I haven’t heard anything more definite than the “yes, it’s definitely coming” rumors.

As for the Latin NO, it’s hard to say if the use will increase or decrease. Maybe priests pressured for the TLM will offer the Latin NO instead (giving in half way, they may think), or maybe those who are now saying the Latin NO will switch to the TLM. How’s that for an inconclusive answer? :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s coming (take your pick):

A year ago Easter
Last fall some time
During this last lent
Definitely during this last Holy Week
This past Easter
The just-passed Pope’s birthday
Some other undisclosed day
Maybe not

Sometime before, or after, the Second Coming of Jesus.

Whether or not the motu proprio is issued is unrelated to the rite of Paul 6th being said all in Latin. It is done so in some few areas but the vast maority of circumstances, from everything that is reported, is that the majority of the Mass is in the vernacular and there doesn’t appear to be any movement from Rome to remove the vernacular. There are periodic missives about Latin, but that is focused on prayers such as the Gloria, the Sanctus, and the Agnus Dei (with a nod to the Greek in the Kyrie).

It’s been “definitely coming” for about 6 months now – with several specific dates “leaked” by “credible sources inside the Vatican.” Nonsense. I don’t believe it. But IF it comes isn’t nearly as important as WHAT it actually says when it does come out. There are already hints that it’ll still be at the discretion of the bishops.

That would not surprise me in the least, as the bishops have a certain amount of, for lack of a better word at the moment, autonomy. The Church is not set up as a corporation, with bishops as mid-level managers; it not for no reason that they trace their ordination back to the Apostles.

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While I’ve seen too many dates pass me by to believe any rumor about a when, the public statements of the Secretary of State and Cdl. Kaspar make me a more firm believer that there is no longer a question of if.

I have heard froma fairly well known person in traditionalist circles, that at an audience with the Holy Father, they were told the motu is definitely coming.

Well, I heard from an Apostle and he even wrote in an epistle (that’s like, a public letter) that Jesus is coming…definitely coming.

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Kaspar “the friendly ecumenist” :thumbsup: , the one who’s on record saying that “we do not seek conversion, but convergence”. Sorry if I don’t trust him. :rolleyes:

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