I would appreciate and links, study material references, and resources that allows self study of Latin. Especially that teachers the prayers and sacrifice of the
Mass. God bless


Thank you, most helpful. I will review and practice tomorrow. God Bless and thanks for your response.


I found this on the web for you:

Thanks I made them part of my Favorites.

Thanks I made them part of my Favorites.

:thumbsup: tee_eff_em’s Favorite Latin Self-Study Resources: :thumbsup:

*]Learn Latin: A Lively Introduction to Reading the Language by Peter Jones
*]Familia Sancti Hieronymi (or in English: Publications of the Familia Sancti Hieronymi (The Family of Saint Jerome))
*]John F. Collins’ A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin (CUA, 1991, ISBN 0-8132-0667-7)
*]The LatinStudy cooperative study mailing list.
*]Advice from an old Latin teacher: “Get a Vulgate and read the Gospel of John. You already know the story, and John repeats himself an awful lot, giving you 2 or 3 chances to get it right.”
*]Thesaurus Precum Latinarum (A Treasury of Latin Prayers)

And before all else: Make sure you know English (or whatever your native tongue) grammar before you try to learn Latin. You will never understand the Latin use of participles, gerunds, the pluperfect, et cetera if you do not understand those grammatical concepts first in your L1.


I thank you for you time and post.

Thanks all. I think I have enough information to keep my fall and winter working on basic Latin. If or when we do start the TLM, I wish to participate. Again thanks to all who posted.

Here are excellent resources:
*] Simplicissimus, an excellent, free, online Latin course from the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales
*] Lewis & Short’s A Latin Dictionary, the famous Latin dictionary accessible for free online
*] Perseus Word Study Tool, a morphological analysis of inflected Latin words
[/LIST]It is great you want to learn Latin. Read what the Baltimore Catechism says about Latin:

Q. 566. Why does the Church use the Latin language instead of the national language of its children?
A. The Church uses the Latin language instead of the national language of its children:[LIST=1]
*]To avoid the danger of changing any part of its teaching in using different languages;
*]That all its rulers may be perfectly united and understood in their communications;
*]To show that the Church is not an institute of any particular nation, but the guide of all nations.

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