Latter day cypher

There is a new fiction book about Mormons out. It’s called Latter day Cypher and you can find it on Amazon. Quoting from Susan Smity’s review at the Amazon web site about the plot:

Award winning author LaTayne C. Scott has another hit with the suspense thriller Latter-Day Cipher. Scott takes the reader through an incredible journey of Mormon history. For this reviewer, it was a bit of deja vu having lived in Utah and being part of the Mormon church and culture for many years.

Scott brings to the Latter-Day Cipher many historically documented facts such as the Masonic links, Blood Atonement, and a gentle inside look at the hot topic in the news of polygamy. Has the media played a role in how the public perceives church tradition? As a reader you have the opportunity to take a look inside to how it began, developed, and why some will not give it up–and not for the reasons most people think.

Kirsten Young, a well-known and rebellious Utah heiress is found murdered in Provo Canyon. The strange markings carved into her flesh and the note written in 19th century code seems to cast a shadow on ancient Mormon laws. Already wary of outsiders, the last thing the Latter-Day Saints church needs is bad publicity.

Journalist Selonnah Zee is assigned to cover the story–and it quickly grows out of control. Within days, more victims appear in disturbing succession surrounded by symbols and clues.

Selonnah’s cousin Roger has recently converted to Mormonism but his wife, Eliza is beginning to doubt the faith of her childhood. If something is really from God, she wonders, why does it need to be constantly revised? Might the murderer be asking the same question? And who might be the next victim?

Why did the murderer use the old Mormon Code based on Brigham Young’s Deseret Alphabet? And what is the meaning of all the dead bodies carefully displayed and the strange markings? If you were an insider you knew it had to be covered up, but for Selonnah, a criminal justice graduate turned journalist, it became a puzzle to be mastered. Perhaps an answer is finally reached why the murderer and others like the old ways, but the church chose to be modernized.

This is definitely a page turner all the way to the surprising end.

At the back of the book are questions for study and insights brought out in this well written and fascinating book.

I wonder how the Mormon Church feels about this book. Probably not too happy about having its history exposed in a fictional work.

Oh, heh, I mis-read the name of this thread in the sidebar and thought that it said, “Latter-Day Cylon.” Oops!

It sounds like a Mormon Da Vinci Code.

I am rather inclined to take sensational media regarding other people’s belief systems with a grain of salt. It’s as if someone picked up the DaVinci Code and thought that it’s all true about the Church…not cool.

From what I am reading it actually sounds quite accurate based on my knowledge as an ex-Mormon.

There’s a great book if you can find it in print called “Wife no 19” by Anne Eliza Young, a former wife of Brigham Young who managed to escape to New York without being “massacred” by those pacifist Utes and writes a tell all.The ultimate problem inherent in mormonism is that it’s like climbing down the rabbit hole with Alice where it get’s currioser and currioser the further you go. I guess the real difference between the Children of God or David Koresh’s group and mormonism is that mormons have been around long enough to become respectable. These guys are so brainwashed and are walking around with such a case of “burning in the heart” that reason and history and tradition and even scripture don’t seem to mean anything to them or get through to them. The latest one is this slogan:Pro family, pro choice." Another convenient revelation from their prophet. Not that long ago they were pro-life now they’re pro-choice. Que sera sera?

Actually I cannot think of a more fitting and completely appropriate form or category than FICTION:thumbsup:

Hi everyone, There is an excellent book on the mormon church by William Whalen. I don`t know if it is still in print or not. I have a very old copy and it is well written and factual. His will be done. Garland

Link to source?

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