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I recently downloaded this great free app from Google Play and I was wondering whether it s pirating the New American Bible. The app includes a full copy and I don’t believe it is public domain.

Hear is the link:

Is it a sin to read the NAB on this app?

Thank you

I love this app. I’d be at peace.

I’d assume that an app as well known as laudate probably got clearance before using it.

I know it seems kind of silly since its the bible but the NAB is copyrighted and the proceeds go to The US Conference of Catholic Bishops. So I would kind of feel like I was stealing from the church.

But I guess considering how popular it is…


I’d assume it’s ok unless you have a reason to believe something’s wrong.

Had a look into this and someone else has expressed the same worries.

Someone called “Surgeworks” wrote:

“Copyright Violations
There is no mention of the license for many of the materials used on this app. The Daily Readings and the New American Bible are being used in conflict of the USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops) and CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) copyright. All copyrighted material should include appropriate acknowledgments and notice of the copyright owner and it is glaringly obvious in its absence indicating much of this content is in violation of copyright. I can appreciate that this app is being offered for free and the developer took time to create it, but that does not make it right to violate copyright or to use translations not approved for liturgical celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours. Many Catholic developers are legal and pay appropriate fees and royalties that support organizations such as the USCCB. and such organizations use the funds to further their mission and support good causes such as The Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) owns the copyright on the New American Bible, revised edition translation. The copyright allows the owner to protect the integrity of the text so that individuals may not introduce changes without permission. Royalty fees earned by licensing the text to companies who publish and sell Bibles help to provide funds for Scripture scholarship and other educational needs.”

These were basically my fears. I guess I will be using the NAB on for now. But then again this app may be perfectly legal. I’m still not too sure.

Surgeworks are the guys that run the legit DivineOffice app

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Can you switch your LOTH to an approved translation, so we can use it to pray liturgically? It really does matter.

we only secured version of LOH

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