Laughing at an impure thought


Today as I was sitting in the library, I saw somebody wearing a shirt that had an impure message on it, and it turned out that it didn’t. I think I was doing so because I thought the shirt said something that is so ridiculous that it could not be true. Then again I could have been laughing because I actually believed what I saw. Is that a serious sin?


Laughing at something you suddenly see is not a considered action, but rather something more like a reflex. Taking something okay as something impure is just your brain not processing correctly. Again, this was something like a reflex, not a considered action that you did on purpose.

In either case, it couldn’t be a sin. There is no way to commit sin accidentally. You have to have full knowledge that you’re doing something wrong, and then deliberately decide to do it.

Even if you had done something sinful (which you didn’t), it could only have been a venial sin. There was no “grave matter.” But you didn’t sin, so there’s no problem.


Not at all. I believe you are overthinking this incident. I wonder if there is a bit of scrupulosity here?


Even if it really did say something obscene and you thought it funny, naaaaaaaah. If that were the case, half of the old Britcoms would be wholly immoral to watch.

We could never laugh at Mrs. Slocombe and her -erm, cat. :stuck_out_tongue:


i am paraphrasing father pacwa: : don’t worry about the ravens of impure thought flying through your mind

just don’t let them nest there




No way is this a serious sin and likely not even a sin. From what you’ve described, it was just a thought and possible temptation to dwell on something evil. Everyone would be guilty of mortal sins if thoughts involving immoral content were serious sins. The best advice is to let these kinds of thoughts come in and out and let them drop from your mind. If they stay, then take them to God in prayer and He will help you sort through it. If you wish to please God and you are concerned about not pleasing Him, you do, in fact, please God. So, don’t worry about. God is on your side and He loves you.


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