Hey so ive been having this problem with laughing during the liturgy of the hours. Ive been trying to hold it back but every now and then it comes when we mess up. I just entered a religious community as a novice. It typically is non-disruptive and it is not getting me in trouble but it has been something that has been making me self-conscious and is bothering me. I cant figure out the source of it weither it is internal or spiritual.


You’re in a religous community, so why not ask some of your fellow religious. And remember, St Therese would get sleepy after communion, so don’t get to upset about these distractions. It might help (it has for me) to tell myself I will laugh after mass, or after the office in your case.

Its probably because you are nervous about being in this new community and the newness of it all. You also might not be used to the discipline of this form of life compared to your old life, and your brain may be trying to cope with this. Whatever the reason is, it probably will pass as you get further into this religious community.

I love praying with a religious community that chants the LOH. Of course, there is bound to be some mistakes and awkward things in there that throw people off. Usually there is a little chuckle and then everyone keeps praying. I don’t think the Lord is offended if it’s not excessive laughter or distracting the other members from praying. I’ve found with the LOH you have to do your best and know that the Lord still loves you even if you mess up or giggle a little bit.

I have had a problem from time to time with inappropriate laughter and it can be very distressing and embarassing. sometimes, I have uncontrollable laughter and have to leave the place altogether. don’t have a clue what to do about it either. Sometimes it happens in bed at night while I am trying to go to sleep and my husband, of course, becomes annoyed. The best thing for me to do is just get up and go to the farthest end of the house and let it go…I mean laugh until I cry and eventually get it over with. I’ve never talked to anyone about this and don’t know what sort of problem I have either. However, it has never happened to me during Mass or anytime I am in Eucharistic Adoration, etc. I am generally a very happy, contented person. I pray that you find a way to resolve this issue. If you do, please let me know, too.:o

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