Laundry lists for sins?

Just wondering…
After I have examined my conscience before my confessions, at certain times I have forgotten to mention some very important (not mortal) sins which I really wanted to get off my chest. I usually will end my confession with: “and for all those sins I’ve forgotten, I ask for God’s forgiveness and mercy…” Is this sufficient or just an easy cop-out? I’ve even considered writing my sins down like a laundry list and simply read them out, but it doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. The problem with this solution is also that the confessional I usually visit is the traditional enclosed type with the kneeler and grid and is quite dark. I’d have to hold the list up to the open grid to be able to read it. Anyway, I’m putting it out there. Is writing your sins, then reading them out, with proper disposition, of course, an acceptable way to receive this sacrament?

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Yes, you can write them out if you would like. I have done both, read from a list and from memory. If you forget any, they are still absolved. I have forgotten some before and I let the priest know I forgot to confess such and such my last confession. I didn’t have to do that, but I wanted to. I guess no harm done…

Actually, if you remember a mortal sin that you forgot to mention in your last confession you are obliged to mention it in your next confession.

While it was legitimately absolved at the first confession, it still must be submitted to the power of the keys.

We used to write them out in school, I could never remember how many times I got angry at my classmates. :wink:

Thanks, I did not know that. I just figured I was covering my bases by mentioned forgotten sins. Now I know.

I do the list too of my sins so I won’t forget anything. My parish has a reconciliation room where you have the option of face to face or behind the screen. One parish near me only has the traditional confessional (my confessor alternates weeks between the two parishes) so when I go there I tend to forget since it is dark.

I usually write down what I am going to say, otherwise I will forget. I’m usually less nervous that way too, because I don’t have to try and remember everything I was going to say.

On an unrelated note, where did the term “laundry list” come from? I’ve never made a list of my laundry.

You made me look, and I learned something!

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