Laura Ingalls Wilder's name pulled from library award over 'stereotypical


Mark Twain has been treated similarly…


This makes me so sad. I tackle Little House on the Prairie every semester in a unit on controversial children’s literature and we get into the ugly depictions of Native Americans included in this novel, consider how to treat them with children, etc. But Laura (the young character) consistently challenges the racist attitudes of the adults around her. And it’s important for our country to actually address the less flattering aspects of its history. :disappointed_relieved:


I bet you that people will refer to this period in history with some disdain in the future.

People will ask, “Why didn’t they stop such and such?” “How stupid were people in the early 21st century?”


Not sure. But at the moment people are understanding the horrific treatment of Native Americans.


Every period of time has its travesties. Abortion, drugs, human trafficking genocide ect. that’s some of the stuff this period will be known for.


There’s a lot about Laura’s life that is not mentioned or depicted in her "Little House " books because those books were intended for Children to read. I’ve given talks on her life and travels when I worked in the school system and I had to keep to the Little House books but I did tell the students that there were a lot of things Laura left out of her books or changed. Her later life with her daughter was not all peaches and cream. As with everything there are 2 sides to the story.


so they are taking an award away from a
deceased author?


More political correctness run amok.


and of course the horror often goes both ways and different people in the past have had reason to fear other groups given their own experiences. I haven’t read the book but it is often a ploy by the author to challenge (or check) attitudes through the voice of a child.

A discussion happens between two sides and very often both sides have valid points. I think it is a step backwards to view history from the suffering of one group and ignore the more broader reality.


Interesting how we can just rewrite history, or just remove something we don’t agree with, like it never existed. I am not sure what exactly was deemed so horribly offensive but what ever it was, it was a depiction of life as it was through someone who lived during that time, not as political correctness of today wants it to be.


Well Ingalls is getting the full Stalinist treatment of slipping down the memory hole. In a few years you won’t find her books in the public library or anywhere else.


Doubtful. First, LHOP is a cottage industry that’s in no danger of going anywhere. Second, there’s no government branch responsible for censoring books.


Not at this point but wait for that blue wave.


and that is so sad when you think of the millions of girls who grew up reading her books.
i was probably 9 or 10 and yet i realized i was reading about something that took place in a different time in history and did not apply to the time and people (the 1960’s) in which i was living.
these people do not give credit to the readers.


What are you talking about?

Hate to say it but if you review the ALA’s lists of the most commonly challenged children’s books, it’s a smorgasbord of conservative leaning folks bashing books they think shouldn’t be in the hands of children.


i just think we should stop trying to change, hide, ignore or run from our history. we learn from our history.


I agree!

Those books offer a remarkable look into the past.


both good and bad…



I learned so much from those books. Their honesty and authenticity make them really valuable.


especially to the girls. i pictured myself on the prairie with her and since i grew up in Kansas i would daydream about what life was like back then. i always felt i was born in the wrong point in history - instead of 1952, i should have been born 80 years earlier!

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