Law and Order SVU 3/11/09

Any fans out there? I know we had a thread a few weeks ago on the regular Law and Order Wed night show, but wondering if others are into, my favorite, SVU?

This week, one of my favorite characters, returned. :slight_smile: That would be Alexandra “Alex” Cabot, ADA. Way better than most of the other Attorneys they’ve paraded through the show.

Any thoughts anyone?****

I didn’t see it; however, it’s good to know that Alex Cabot is back. They kind of screwed up her character when she was made a Bureau Chief is the ill-fated “Law & Order: Convictions” series.

I love the show but Benson and Stabler have got to be the two worst cops in the known universe. :slight_smile: They never get the guilty guy the first time out. They always end up harassing some poor, clueless schlub. And Benson is really starting to get on my nerves with her “I’m always right because I’m the woman around here” attitude.

I’m looking forward to Jeff Goldblum on Law & Order: CI. What I would like to see is the British version (Law & Order: London) which just started airing. It’s on ITV so I don’t think BBC America will show it. If there are any Doctor Who fans, the actress who played Martha is on the British version.


I’ve been watching the Law and Order UK series - am enjoying it so far. Living in London, I recognise the locations! I think some of the story lines have been adapted from the American version. Freema Agyeman ( a practicing Catholic by the way!), the actress from Dr Who,is underused so far.

I used to watch L & O SVU, but my flatmate and I decided we could no longer carry on watching it, as the story lines were so distressing. It somehow seemed wrong sitting down to be entertained by a story about rape and murder, often involving children.

The Law and Order and CSI programmes are usually very well written and are produced very well.

I didn’t know that about Freema Agyeman. I’m glad to hear it.

I know what you mean about SVU. Some of the episodes have a very high Yuck Factor.


Used to watch it but ended up with painful-abuse-of-others-fatigue.
I tend to feel outraged that anyone thinks they have a right to take or abuse anyone’s else’s body or life. “How dare they, how dare they!”
But then, I even run to my room when the predator starts chasing some poor unlucky ruminant in wildlife documentaries. One unforgettable memory is of a calf licking its own blood off its lips as a predator tore it to pieces alive while its mother stood by helplessly. But then human babies often endure the same fate in the supposed safety of their mothers’ wombs.

Sometimes I run faster if it’s Criminal Minds as the cases are reportedly based on real stories. Even my husband was freaked out in the last episode that was shown here. Don’t need to visit the Prayer Intentions forum or Family Life to get one praying for people!

I must admit that the interplay between the characters in NCIS can be beguiling. Abby’s a delight!

Yes, Alex was a memorable attorney!

That’s how I feel, too. My wife and I used to watch SVU (and L&O, L&O:CI and CSI) until we had our first child. After that, watching the show was just too frightening and too real (because you can’t help but think, “what if that happened to my child?”). Since having kids, we pretty much swore off all the L&O and CSI shows. The only murder mystery shows we watch now are Monk and Psych because they’re funny and less realistic. Plus, they’re not nearly as graphic.

Last night’s episode had a rather high yuck factor but I think Carol Burnett deserves an Emmy for her performance. The yuck wasn’t the crime but a side story.


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