Law Banning Promotion of Homosexuality Takes Effect in Lithuania

By Peter J. Smith

VILNIUS, Lithuania, March 2, 2010 ( – A new law banning the media and schools from promoting harmful sexual behaviors, as well as violence and suicide, to the youth took effect in Lithuania on Monday. The law also restricts the ability of homosexuals to promote same-sex unions and organize “gay pride” marches in the Baltic nation.

The Seimas, Lithuania’s parliament, passed the Law on the Protection of Minors Against the Detrimental Effect of Public Information in June 2009. The law prohibits the dissemination, in a public forum accessible to youth under 18 years, of information recognized to have a negative effect on the mental, intellectual, and moral development of youth.

A previous version of the law specifically forbade the spreading of information to youth that “agitates for homosexual, bisexual relations, or polygamy.” However, that language incensed European Union parliamentarians, who voted 349-218 in September 2009 to formally condemn Lithuania’s law as incompatible with EU prohibitions against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In response to that international imbroglio, the Seimas voted in December to replace that language with broader stipulations forbidding individuals and organizations from “encouraging the sexual abuse of minors, sexual relations between minors and other sexual relations.”

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I wonder if Lithuania is accepting immigrants?

I’m wondering about that too.

Lithuania is too cold for me.

Good news


:thumbsup: Go Lithuania! This has been the most refreshing, un-PC thing I’ve read in a while!

My heart breaks for America… :frowning: Because you can’t promote Jesus to the kids in a public school, but the gay lobby and Planned Parenthood are not forbidden from promoting homosexual relations, premarital sex, artificial birth control, abortions. And look at the trash Hollywood dumps on us (I mean those who watch their movies or pay attention to them) every day: sex and violence all day long. They don’t ever depict the beauty of marriage as God intended it - it’s always sex between people who are not married, adulterous relationships, etc. And with so many violent movies produced by them, you are still hard pressed to find depictions of courage and self-sacrifice, but without glorifying wanton violence and a vengeful spirit. Also, music with foul language, violent videogames, it’s an all-out assault on our kids. And I’m sad to say, all of this does play a role in diminishing respect for America in other parts of the world, and the loss of our moral leadership in the world. If the Muslim people despise us, unfortunately we are to blame to a certain degree. If they tune in to Oscar ceremonies, what will they see? Madonna kissing Britney Spears, Sandra Bullock kissing Madonna… Even at the Superbowl, Justin Timberlake stripping and exposing Janet Jackson’s private parts… It’s too much filth, and I’m sad to say, it’s understandable that the world will despise us.

Meanwhile, Lithuania shows true leadership, and Wolseley, you might want to take a look at such countries as Ghana and Uganda as well, both in Africa, for immigration purposes! :smiley: I have been following Africa with growing interest, and with an ever growing respect and fascination! The countries I mentioned are now thoroughly Christian and predominantly Catholic, while the USA and affluent Western Europe are falling lower and lower. Sometimes I think of my poor Hungary, how it was founded by King St. Stephen, 11 centuries ago, and how it flourished for several centuries, with dozens of canonized saint and beati among its rulers and royal families. St. Imre, St. Laszlo, St. Bela, Blessed Margit, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, and the list goes on… But we squandered it, we messed with worldly pomp, Reformation, Communism… And God allowed Hungary to be occupied by the Ottoman Empire (from 1526 to 1686), and to loose 2/3 (two thirds) of its territory at the Versailles and Trianon treaties, after WWI. Today, the once Christian and mighty Hungary is a small and insignificant country, still recovering from the ravages of Communist rule (from the end of WW-II to 1989), plagued by some of the highest levels of alcoholism, tobacco related cancers, and suicide in the world, where many young people have never learned about God in their own families, because their parents became atheists/agnostics, a country with some of the highest levels of divorce in the world… :frowning: This is Hungary today, a country that once was a shining light to Europe. America, do you think you will stay mighty forever? Not if you abandon God! :frowning:

:rotfl: This is the country that showed “true leadership” when it took the initiative to begin hunting down and murdering the Jews before the Germans asked them to so; this is the country that closed its border to Poland and didn’t allow even mail to go through (a letter from Poland to Lithuania had to go to Sweden then back to Lithuania all by sea when the roads were there) because of a hissy-fit over the Poles making Wilno a Polish city. And, they wanted to go to war with Poland over that, until the French politely pointed out that if they did so the Polish Army would eat them alive.

Admire them if you like; this Polish-American knows too much about them to do so.

Cheer up. The Hungarians showed their mettle in 1958 in the face of the Russians when it was said that “the Hungarians acted like Poles, the Poles acted like Czechs, and the Czechs acted like swine.” :thumbsup:

You mean when the Polish army forcibly seized the capital of Lithuania (Vilnius)? I can understand them being upset about having their capital seized by a foreign military force.

Settle down now. Your Queen Jadwiga married King Jagiello, didn’t she? Too bad you, Lithuania and Ukraine didn’t unite after the Iron Curtain rolled back, and have the great country you once had together.

Wilno - Not “Vilnius” was Polish and the Polish Army took what was rightfully Polish. Kaunas was the Lithuanian capital. Furthermore, the languages spoken in Wilno were Polish and Yiddish.

I’ll also remind you that it was the Polish, not the Lithuanian Army that stopped the Bolsheviks from overrunning Europe in 1920 at the Miracle on the Vistula; it was the Polish Army that fought the Germans in 1939, not Germany’s Lithuanian buddies.

End of Discussion.:mad::mad:

Typical European behavior for that time, actually.

Not in Denmark or Norway or Holland, not in Mussolini’s Italy. At Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem, over 11,000 ‘Righteous Gentiles’ are honored; almost 5,000 are Polish, and these were Poles who were supposedly anti-semites themselves. It’s worth noting for the sake of the extraordinary heroism of the Poles who did that was that a Pole who helped a Jew was shot for it, whereas a Dane who did the same thing got sent to an ordinary jail.

No, the real Jew haters were the Ukrainians and the people in the Baltic states. There was even a Latvian and an Estonian SS!

You know something Rich. You are a real bigot. And this isn’t an ad hominem. Look at your bigoted remark castigating several nations of people above. My family suffered under the Nazis. Ukrainians weren’t even part of this thread so I’m not sure how we got on here, I guess for a bigot like you to kick. The head of our Church, Metropolitan Sheptytsky rescued Jews personally risking himself and our little church. He wrote a letter to Himmler against killing Jews. The Shoah was unique. It shouldn’t be used as a weapon on a thread for a leftist Catholic to engage in bigotry. What a bloody bigot. I thank God most Poles I know aren’t like you.

Shame on you.

End of discussion? I guess the Polish get to decide when the discussion is over, just like when they get to decide to conquer your city. The Polish can just unilaterally end ‘discussions’ and take over cities and nobody is allowed to criticize them.

Great. Yay Poland. You are such a fine example of their heritage. Now everybody can see how the Poles act, eh?

Looking at the news report:

In response to that international imbroglio, the Seimas voted in December to replace that language with broader stipulations forbidding individuals and organizations from “encouraging the sexual abuse of minors, sexual relations between minors and other sexual relations.”

If that is the actual wording then everyone had better watch out, that “other sexual relations” part covers heterosexual relations. I can imagine the reaction if a priest gets arrested for supporting marriage, because marriage comes under the heading of “other sexual relations”!



Take back “their” city, that is.

The Polish can just unilaterally end ‘discussions’ and take over cities and nobody is allowed to criticize them.

Criticize away. Anyone who cares to do so is welcome to. That doesn’t mean that the subject isn’t closed from the Polish point of view.

Great. Yay Poland. You are such a fine example of their heritage. Now everybody can see how the Poles act, eh?

Yes. I represent the heritage well. (Well, almost - I did marry a Sicilian-American girl. ;)) I speak the language and read in Polish. I supported its moves for freedom from communism, cheered when a Polish Cardinal was elevated to the Papacy, admire most of its history (Liberum Veto was dumb) and am proud that it is fiercely Catholic, that it was a Pole, Tadeusz Kościuszko, who designed West Point, and another Pole, Kazimierz Pułaski, who is called the Father of the U.S. Cavalry.

The history of Polish arms is a glorious one, from Jan Sobieski and his winged hussars defeating the Ottomans at Vienna, to their preeminence as Napoleon’s finest light cavalry (at Waterloo, they soundly defeated the vaunted Scots Greys and at Somosierra in Spain, their charge against the Spanish resulted in the rout of the Spanish Army). They fought continuously against the Russians, and after World War I, defeated the Bolsheviks before Warsaw, saving Europe itself from bolshevik takeover. In World War II, Polish Air Force squadrons at the Battle of Britain shot down more German airplanes than did any other squadrons, and they fought in every theater, from Africa to Italy (Monte Cassino) to Holland and northern Germany.

Do you really need more of an explanation of my fatherland’s history and accomplishments and why we Polish-Americans tend to be overwhelmingly proud of our heritage?

Actually I have the privilege to know some Poles who are a credit to their heritage. That wasn’t my point.

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