Law & Order "Dignity"

I’m not a regular viewer of Law & Order but I’m very glad I caught this episode.

I’m a HUGE Law & Order fan and have probably seen every episode, but I don’t know them by episode name… what happened in this one?


Abortion doctor is killed in church.

The detectives respond, they argue about abortion a bit on the way back.

They find out that a woman from PA was due to have an abortion at 28 weeks on Monday but Dr. was killed on Sunday. They learn that her father drove to the clinic to talk to dead doc but was unable to get in. He meets a guy who tells him not to worry that his grandson will be safe.

They find the guy they think did it, the anti-abortion activist groups lawyer (John Boy Walton) protects him and then tries to use the defense that murderer was trying to save the grandson of the PA guy.

Both the ADA’s are anti-abortion but trying to do their job.
They find a nurse who used to work for dead doc and learn that there was a case where the doc messed up and the baby was born alive but he asked the mother if she wanted him to finish “the procedure” she says yes and doc kills the now breathing baby.

McCoy tells the two ADAs to forget about this incident and not to tell the defense.

Defense brings in an abortion doctor who admits that the woman who’s father started this is due in the next few days but he would still do the abortion anyway. ADA says that there are nuts on both sides.

Defense brings in a woman who did not have an abortion and talks about holding her baby during the 21 hours she was alive. She does admit that at another time in life she might have had an abortion. Most of the jury cries, so does female ADA

ADAs learn that the defense is bringing in the nurse who saw dead doc kill the born baby.
McCoy gets mad, the female ADA admits she told the defense because she cannot check her soul in the umbrella stand when coming to work.

The nurse gives moving testimony, most of the jury looks like they hate dead doc now.

ADA sums up case by saying that this case goes to the heart of who we are and that he believes that ALL life is sacred including the docs.

Jury convicts murderer but still abortion is shown as murder.

Judge allowed defense of the unborn as a defense, ADAs showed that murder is still wrong.

All in all, it was an awesome episode.

Two excellent moments in the episode:

  1. When Connie says she has been pro-choice all her life because she just assumed that was the only way to be but didn’t know any more

  2. When Jack says his daughter became pro-life after seeing the sonogram of her baby.

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