LAW &ORDER SPECIAL VICTIMS UNIT and other crime shows influence the way we tolerate or are desensetized by violence

It’s one of my favorite shows. The stories overwhelm me every time with the depth of depravity of the offender and the tough resolutions the police and attorneys must come to grips with.
I like crime shows,but sometimes I wonder if they contribute to our desensitization to violence and allow us to be able to emotionally tolerate more and more evil.
What do you think?

Sometimes, the crime or descriptions of a crime are too gross. Do such crimes happen? Yes. Should we be filling our minds with a regular diet of such crimes? I don’t think so.

The original Law & Order showed justice in action. I would recommend it. SVU is more lurid and while it does not show criminals in a good light, different people have different sensitivities to the subject matter.

Speaking generally, the more graphic in terms of verbal descriptions or in visuals, it does desensitize people. Christians should also consider the cops in SVU to be examples of the secular world with loose, by Christian standards, morals. The female detective was engaged in sex outside of marriage and also visited a sex club where one of the workers told her they weren’t doing anything illegal there. Making sin legal is not a good thing. And just like most television programs, showing mankind as dysfunctional is a major theme. The actual television news is bad enough without adding fictional crimes to your experience.

In my opinion, SVU should be taken in small doses and only with the realization that it does, at times, promote or show as ‘normal,’ immoral behavior.

God bless,

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