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Never even new there was such a thing until I found this:

which translates the dialog back into USlish.

Hehe, I can’t believe that was an official promo. I still don’t understand what was said at that “incomprehensible” bit and I tried to listen to it 3 times. So that’s what Jamie Bamber’s been up to since Galactica.

Transcribed by a Brit:

*“I always fancied one but the first Mrs Brooks reckoned I had enough **** without going looking for it.”

It probably makes sense if you’ve watched the episode (which I haven’t)

Transcribed by a Brit:

“I always fancied one but the first Mrs Brooks reckoned I had enough **** without going looking for it.”

It probably makes sense if you’ve watched the episode (which I haven’t)

I went back and listened to it while reading your post. I still would’ve never guessed most of the words, since the background noise didn’t help. Thanks for transcribing it! :slight_smile:

It isn’t an official promo,.

I do wonder how L&O will work out – are there really enough murders in London to support a weekly series or will the average Brit say, “Crikey! they’re making us look as savage as Yanks!”
And who needs detectives when the whole country is dripping security cameras?

We have plenty of cop shows already, so it’s not a big deal. What’s really odd is when a smaller place like Oxford (Inspector Morse) or a fictional tiny rural county like Midsomer (Midsomer Murders) gets weekly murders.

That reminds me of MURDER SHE WROTE. Cabot Cove, Maine must have had a far higher homicide rate than Washington DC, Detroit or what ever city did have that “honor” at that time.

I read the “The Cat Who…” mysteries, That area 500 miles north of nowhere also has a really high homicide rate.:slight_smile:

Exactly! Small towns are more likely to have to deal with drunken brawls, DUI, &c drugs. Not to mention official corruption in the sheriff’s dept.

Btw, thanks for reminding me of of The Cat Who series, a dear friend, now deceased loved them

It’s Ok-ish and, at least, it doesn’t have the endless ‘holier-than-though-ness’ of Jack McCoy/Sam Waterston. :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm…one or two of the ‘translations’ are incorrect. :stuck_out_tongue:

That must be a blessing.

Also, it seems to me that Benson and Stabler would be kicked off of any actual police force as psychologically unfit.

I’ve watched a few episodes and as a serious L&O fan, I enjoyed it. They do make use of the prevalence of video cameras without letting the crime be solved that way.

It did take me a bit of googling to figure out some of the slang that they use however.

For impossible language, I can think of nothing to beat the ever-popular “there’s been a murrrderrr” Taggart (which has been going for about 20 years). It’s set in Glasgow and it often helps to press the ‘subtitles’ button on the remote.

The most lethal place in Britain must be the fictional county of ‘Midsomer’ where nice and not so nice middle class people get butchered at a phenomenal rate in ‘Midsomer Murders’ - you always know when the ad-break is coming up, somebody gets murdered - given that it’s a 2 hour program, you might get an idea of the kill-rate.

Well here’s a new British crime movie coming to the States! which deals with the accents no problems - :slight_smile:

Actually, it’s from SNL two weeks ago when Russel Brand came on as guest host and can only be properly accessed from NBC or Global in the US and Canada, so in order to get the British crime trailer uploaded onto youtube, I guess the film reviews had to appear backward in the linked trailer but it is hilarious to watch nonetheless for people who cannot watch the original skit if they can’t get SNL online, at least imho:

“I don’t think I heard a single consonant!” - priceless :slight_smile:

It’s known as ‘Estuary English’, an iz awlriggh, nuffin wron wiv ih.

OK-ish = what on a 1-10 scale? :smiley:
Good to see you about, Kani!

Hope you didn’t trust the ‘translations’ given on the youtube video :smiley:

For the daring: ‘knackers’ are not ‘pants’. As you guys say: Close, but no cigar :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I forget what it was but it was an acronym for a crime. Something similar to assault IIRC

Bit like one of those ‘3 out of 5 star’ films - predictable plot but you probably won’t fall asleep. :wink:

Load of cobblers! :smiley:

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