Law societies' row with private Christian university heads to Canadian high court over 'discrimination'


Canada’s highest court will hear two appeals concerning a proposed law school at Trinity Western University and the law societies of British Columbia and Ontario, which are both seeking to deny the accreditation of graduates from the faith-based school in Langley, B.C.

The dispute stems from the university’s controversial community covenant, which bans sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage. All TWU students must sign the covenant.

The law societies argued the covenant discriminates against people in the LGBTQ community who want to enter the legal profession.
In November of last year, the B.C. Court of Appeal found it was unreasonable for the B.C. Law Society to refuse to recognize Trinity Western law grads, because the negative impact on the school’s religious freedoms would be greater than the repercussions on gay and lesbian rights.
But in a separate ruling in June, the Ontario Court of Appeal sided with the Law Society of Upper Canada and slammed the nature of the covenant, calling it discriminatory despite the university’s statements it is an open and accepting school.
Meanwhile in Nova Scotia, the Barristers’ Society announced in July it would not appeal a ruling allowing graduates to practise in the province.
No one is forcing anyone to enrol in a private university. It’s also not the only one in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver area.


That’s never really what this is about. It’s about getting certain people elected and sticking it to Christians.


Now you will see the degradation of religious liberty and jurisprudence in Canada in the past 15 years. In 2001 this exact same case was ruled on by the supreme court with an 8-1 victory for Trinity Western.


And surprisingly people are still in denial this is happening. At what point will they realize this?

Thanks for informing me of this. I suppose at that time sanity still existed in the judiciary but I fear it’s pretty much gone today.


Why bother to enrol in a christian university and then complain that it’s “christian”?

Only a matter of time till they find the Catholic ethos at Catholic universities to be…surprise surprise…Catholic and find a way of stopping people graduate due to the perceived .“discriminatory nature” of Catholic doctrines.


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