Lawmaker: Students wearing gay-straight T-shirt at elementary event a 'failure' by Nixa Schools



A grown man, let alone a legislator, commenting on Twitter about a preteen’s clothes is just pathetic.

This wasn’t a school thing. The students just wore their T-shirts from home. Was it a poor decision on their part? Yes. But it’s not the fault of the school anymore than it’s the fault of the Church when people wear inappropriate clothing to Mass.

What high school students do you know who are “pre-teens?” You didn’t actually open the link, did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a “school thing,” as it was a book fair at a a school with volunteers from the high school. The students should have been told their shirts were inappropriate by school staff, when they arrived to help.

I don’t know if you volunteered when you were in high school, but on “game day,” sometimes the staff is so busy they don’t even see you. They expect you to just know what to do from preparatory meetings.

Nice excuse. Yes, I volunteered in high school. I have also helped run such events, and yes, I have turned students away or made them change for wearing improper attire.

Yes, exactly. You, who I assume was not a school administrator, helped run the events. Therefore, the responsibility for the wear at the event was not at the hands of the school. Do you see my point now?

Nope. It was still just a poor excuse. I had administrators with me who instructed us to turn kids away and/or make them change if they showed up dressed improperly.

Any other excuses you wish to make for the school? They aren’t even apologetic. :shrug:

So if you had not turned away kids, would that be the school’s fault, or your fault?

The school.

I read the article and saw the photo, I’m just a bad judge of age.

My point still stands.

Actually, it wasn’t much of a “point.” More of a comment. :wink:

I don’t personally have a problem with people speaking their minds about the clothing worn around their elementary school children, so I think “pathetic” is a pretty strong term.

It’s pretty simple… Gay or Straight … Comments, discussions, etc regarding sexuality are inappropriate around elementary children. And frankly, I think they are inappropriate for high school too.

A group like the gay-straight alliance should not be allowed in high school.

All members should be adults.

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