Lawmakers ask Gen. Ray Odierno why they're losing troops from home districts. His answer: Look in the mirror


Lawmakers ask Gen. Ray Odierno why they’re losing troops from home districts. His answer: Look in the mirror.


They should have replied by saying they see his reflection. The DOD has more than enough money. Problem is an enormous chunk of evaporates into thin air. The Pentagon’s Inspector General reported in 2001 that the DOD had $2.3 trillion in unexplained transactions since 1999. Including tons of just plain waste and mysterious payouts. For example, a payout of $27 billion for military hardware and materials which didn’t actually exist in any inventory. At that time, he estimated that 25% of the DOD’s expenditures were simply unexplainable. Fast forward to 2010 and the GAO has declared the DOD to be completely unauditable due to shockingly bad accounting practices. If General Ray Odierno is concerned about money then perhaps he should lead the effort to find out where the money is going and why. We already know that they’re being robbed blind by contractors so why doesn’t he go after them?


There should be no contractors of any kind involved in any military action. Privatization at it’s best here. They make a fortune rebuilding countries we are at war with, yet we can’t find enough money to feed, house or care for our own, including those who have been injured in the war and their families.

Take the profit out of war and war will end.


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