Lawmakers Consider Preventing ALL Marriage In Oklahoma


OKLAHOMA CITY - State lawmakers are considering throwing out marriage in Oklahoma.


… I don’t even know what to think of such a strange concept.


Oh, for crying out loud. :shrug:

So…rather than put up with gay marriage, they want to ban all marriage. Sigh. People should be ashamed that they elected these people to office.


I am not sure what to think of this. On the one hand, if it prevents “gay marriage” then that’s a good thing. On the other hand, doesn’t the Catholic Church teach that government should regulate marriage or have some form of government-authorized marriage?


Sounds like the cheap and easy way out. Shame on them! :rolleyes:


As satisfying as it would be to keep marriage away from gays, legal marriage accomplishes a lot of functions that would not be easy to replace. Inheritance, medical proxy, paternity… they would all have to have some alternate legal system created to handle them. I guess such a system would accomplish a lot of the same functions of marriage and be open to anyone. I guess I would prefer that to pretending that gays can somehow be married.


People just need to admit that they’ve lost the gay marriage fight and move on. That’s how you solve it. There are bigger issues in the country than two people signing a legal contract that normally couldn’t.


I think you hit the nail on the head. It’s about the satisfaction gained by keeping marriage away from lesser people, not about protecting marriage.


This is a very interesting approach. If this passes, there will be a lot of problems. If they won’t recognize any marriage, will they just refer to them as civil unions. I do however applaud the fact that they are not giving in to same sex “marriage”:D.


Actually, no. There aren’t very many issues that are bigger. Something as fundamental as marriage, a building block of society, is something that must not be infringed upon. For marriage to lose its purity, security, meaning, and purpose is to go directly down a road of social deconstruction.


People’ve been divorcing, cohabitating and using birth control for millennia. The era of familial bliss where people apparently had “perfect families” has never, and I mean, never existed.


This is right, same sex “marriage” makes the meaning of marriage that much more worthless, and even though it is strange, I think Oklahoma has made the right approach. They recognize the fact that if this is legalized, the institution of marriage is pretty much meaningless.


So every marriage in the states where same sex marriage is allowed are meaningless? Guess I should cancel my wedding. What’s the point if it’s meaningless?


How shameful to think that two people in love is somehow denigrating the institution. Same-sex marriage is just that - marriage.


It’s all about controlling the language on both sides. Most homosexuals want the societal acceptance that comes with being able to enter into a marriage on top of any benefits they can get from a civil union. For people who support gay marriage there is no reason to compromise with civil unions while they’re winning.


Marriage is much more than two people in (sexual/romantic) love. :rolleyes:


It would not prevent gay couples from living together and calling themselves married.
And what of all the heterosexual couples who would find the government no longer considers them married?


True marriage is the union of one man and one woman. Legal recognition of any other union as “marriage” undermines the true meaning. Legal recognition of homosexual “marriage” does homosexuals a disfavor by encouraging them to persist in an immoral arrangement.


No, it ISN’T marriage. It is two men or two women with an invalid marriage certificate legally engaging in sodomy. Marriage, the definition of “marriage” is a man or a woman united in a permanent bond, for their mutual benefit and propagation of the human race. It was laid down this way by God, and he makes it perfectly clear through the natural law which ways are right and which are wrong. (If you look at the gigantic levels of HIV in homosexual sexual relations, you can see how clearly the natural law is saying, “No, that’s not natural.”)

Homosexual sex is an abomination. To raise it to the level of marriage is insulting to the sacrament and ridiculously glorifies sodomy.


I wish the federal government didn’t recognize any marriage; then it can stop playing winners and losers with the tax code.

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