Lawmakers eye early exit from Washington


Lawmakers eye early exit from Washington

Lawmakers are sprinting to the finish line as they try to leave Washington a week early.

Both the House and Senate are scheduled to be in Washington until Dec. 16, but leadership in both chambers are signaling they want to wrap up their work next week.

“It is our hope that we can be finished by Dec. 8,” Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), the House GOP leader, said from the floor on Friday.

McCarthy said House lawmakers will finish two must-pass items left on their 2016 agenda — a short-term government-funding bill and a water resources bill — next week.

Senators in both parties are also predicting they will leave Washington for the year at the end of next week.
Any senator could use the Senate rules to drag out the upper chamber’s procedural clock and eat up days of debate time. Though no lawmaker has publicly threatened to do so, the move would easily force senators to stay in town past Dec. 9.

There has been some question and speculation if a Supreme Court appointment could be made by Obama during such a recess. The answer may be yes. (Relevant articles here and here). I’m sure the GOP is well aware of this. :shrug:


I would also think they know this. Is there a last day of session of Congress before the new one convenes? A few might stay behind so that Congress is still officially in session as opposed to recess? I would have to think the Republican members would allow this to happen.


These lame duck sessions of Congress, containing members who have been defeated for re-election, are not democratic.


The whole transition period is way too long. It shouldn’t be more than 30 days between election and swearing in of the new Congress and President whether by pushing elections into December or the other way around.


Not surprised by an early exit. The Congress has been absent quite a bit during the past 8 yrs. 6 of which have been ruled by Republicans in the House.


You do realize don’t you, those members terms are not up yet right?


Maybe by getting back to their constituencies, they can calm some of the post election hysterics that are running rampant. Show the people they serve that they can still keep things running for all!


You must be referring to the hysterics taking place in Southern California and New York City. Things are pretty calm in middle America.


The focus this week is a water bill that has a “buy U.S.-produced provision causing some conflicts” and another stop-gap funding bill for the Federal Gov. (to last until March) and then race to recess.

I have not read anything indicating pro forma sessions for Dec. or early Jan. yet I would gather there probably will be, as was the case in July.


It is only because the government is so huge, intrusive and involved in every aspect of our lives. If it were limited, as it should be, then it wouldn’t be of much concern how long it takes to transition having members who weren’t reelected holding power or not being in session.


Its spreading - there was an incident here is SW Virginia where about 100 people showed up in a town to demonstrate against a KKK rally that was never scheduled to happen!

This one ended peacefully, thank the Lord.


It takes significant time to assemble your team. Though they’ve criticized Trump he’s going much faster than past presidents. Lots of big decisions, nothing to rush through.


I guess its a WEXIT!


Except most of them are coming back :wink:


Theoretically Obama could make a recess appointment, but that appointment would only last until the next Congress convenes, which will be in January. The Supreme Court isn’t hearing cases until well after that. So that recess jurist would not hear any cases.

As for the news that Congress is going home early, that would be lovely. I am all in favor of them staying home more and staying out of DC as much as possible.


The less Congress and the federal government involves itself in our lives, the better. Congress should be home most of the year.

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