Lawrence Krauss; Our Godless universe is precious...

Our Godless Universe is precious

According to him, because of this, we should enjoy our moments under the sun.

Well-- it’s official. Our lives have no meaning (just kidding). :wink:

Thoughts on the video though?

I think he is wrong of course but if he believes it there isn’t much to say. He will of course discover just before he dies or immediately after that he was wrong. And I will say that if the whole world or most of it believed this way, life would become so chaotic and unpleasant it would be intolerable. Why, because the whole world would be without any moral inhibitions. They would live by the law of the jungle and the poor and powerless would suffer a lot more than they do now. And that would probably mean us.

Despite Lawrence Krauss’ noteworthy credentials, this little snippet is merely existential philosophical thought in a simplified format stating that since life has no meaning, it is our responsibility to attach meaning to it. It is Sartre’s concept of engagement. Nothing particularly brilliant here by Krauss, except that he adds that life without meaning is more precious because it requires us to act.

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