When is it appropriate to vote against certain bills ?

For example, a lot of Catholics would probably vote against gay marriage.

However, that’s not probably true about voting to ban divorce.

Catholics probably wouldn’t vote to ban birth control, but they probably would vote to ban abortions.

How do we tell the difference?

I would vote to ban divorce. And I would vote to ban birth control. But the thing is, not everything is put up to vote on. If you are presented with two voting options, one a moral good and one a moral evil, you are obliged to vote the moral good. Whether it is abortion, birth control, whatever. Voting towards the moral evil might seem insignificant due to the sheer number of people who vote. But Christians are 80% of America. We have a voice, just need to recognize that it counts.
A vote towards evil always supports evil no matter what the popular opinion is.

Divorce isn’t contrary to Catholic moral teaching. There are canonical requirements that a married couple must go through before deciding to file for divorce.

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