Lawsuit: CSUN Scientist Fired After Soft Tissue Found On Dinosaur Fossil

LOS ANGELES ( — Attorneys for a California State University, Northridge scientist who was terminated from his job after discovering soft tissue on a triceratops fossil have filed a lawsuit against the university.

While at the Hell Creek Formation excavation site in Montana, researcher Mark Armitage discovered what he believed to be the largest triceratops horn ever unearthed at the site, according to attorney Brad Dacus of Pacific Justice Institute.

Upon examination of the horn under a high-powered microscope back at CSUN, Dacus says Armitage was “fascinated” to find soft tissue on the sample – a discovery Bacus said stunned members of the school’s biology department and even some students “because it indicates that dinosaurs roamed the earth only thousands of years in the past rather than going extinct 60 million years ago.”

Color me dubious. The guy is a microscope technician, not a biologist. It sounds an awful lot like hysteria to me. It’s my understanding that dinosaur bones aren’t really bones but fossils of bones, no? How’s soft tissue going to be on a fossil?

There was a similar finding sometime last year with The Rex soft tissues. The prevailing wisdom was the proteins in soft tissue would deteriorate within a million years, but the scientists in the study speculated that high concentrations of iron from the blood could preserve the cells in the soft tissues.

Me too. Fossils aren’t bone–they are rock that has replaced the bone. One might find evidence of soft tissue in the rock, but it’d still be rock not flesh or bone.

The important point is that this is a perfect illustration of how religious discrimination is exercised in higher education and other industries and even government. This is wide spread and growing. The message is, " If you believe in God and that he created the world in time out of nothing, you need not apply. "


It’s possible they were offended at his young earth creationist view, not Christianity, per se.

It is not clear that this was his view, but what if it was? How about someone coming into that department who believed in continual reincarnation, or who believed in hylomorphism, or even that God created the universe and all in it? I assure you many of these departments exercise all kinds of discrimination against anyone with anything but a purely secular world view.


I am sure he can have a great career as a Climate Scientist.fabricating evidence is the norm there.

Exactly. Which makes me think it more likely he was fired for incompetence.

Is this something you experienced first-hand?

Science and faith are two completely separate areas.

And trying to force science to conform to what one perceives to be infallibly true due to interpretation of Scripture is not right. The evidence is lacking, yet the claim is that triceratops lived thousands of years ago.

This is not discrimination against someone who is Christian. It is discrimination against what is perceived to be lack of objectivity.

How can you say lack of objectivity if the paper was published in a peer reviewed journal. At that point he could be fired only if published false data. This is about religious discrimination and not lack of objectivity, lack of objectivity is somehow protected as academic fredom. This is either an ethical issue of publishing false data or religious discrimination. The university would have been in a much stronger position if the paper were not peer reviewd.

:rotfl: Thanks Bro’! I needed a laugh! Rob

If he was fired for “finding” soft tissue which wasn’t there, why haven’t his superiors said so? :confused:

Maybe we’ll have a real “Jurassic Park”!

Peer review doesn’t mean, “It’s real.” And different journals have different criteria for what they accept into their journals.

If someone were to conclude something earth-shattering, they better have the evidence. The evidence is lacking, and making a conclusion to fit one’s young earth creationism is not good science.

If the evidence was there, this would be published in the journals Nature or Science.

People already mentioned how high iron concentrations, burial conditions, and environment can preserve dinosaur tissue long enough for protein analysis. The article describes the finding and how they came up with an explanation.

Honestly, we need to stop playing victim. It’s not like he got fired after being caught praying the Rosary.

Nature and Science are not the only two scintific journals in existence. If I were to follow your logic all the papers published in hundreds of peer reviewed journals should be considered worthless. On top of that Nature publishec garbage too and the editorial.staff is now reviewing their policies. Again this about either punishing someone for using false data or it is about religious discrimination. Can you give me a list of scientists that have been fired for publishing garbage while submitting data in an ethical manner?

Of course they’re not. But if there was ample evidence that dinosaurs lived thousands of years ago, then yes, they would be quite interested.

While not every single paper in Nature/Cell/Science turns out to be correct, the lower-impact journals generally publish papers of poorer quality and/or findings of lesser impact. Stone Age dinos would be a high-impact finding.

The issue is not falsified data. The issue is not discrimination.

The issue is reaching extraordinary conclusions with limited evidence. If the reason for this is adherence to young age creationism, then that might pose a problem.

I have seen quote a few papers reaching extraprdinary conclusions with limited evidence. I even pulled my name, as a coauthor, out of publications that I considered absurd but I have never seen anyone getting fired over it. If the firing happens only when the weird idea is associated with religion then it is not about preserving high quality scientific output but religious discrimination. Once I see multiple cases of firing because of poor quality scientific output then I will agree with you that it is not about religious discrimination.

For decades Ed Conrad has been submitting his anomalously-preserved human (and dino) soft tissue specimens to labs which freak out when they find out he got them out of coal strata where humans aren’t supposed to be. For example, he had a lithified gall bladder CAT-scanned and it showed stones inside. Human blood has been detected in samples. The war of evil-utionary theorists versus realists with real specimens cooled after Ed found human fingers and posted the pics…Worth a thousand words.

Ed Conrad used to hike the hills around Mahanoy, Pennsylvania, looking for fossil ferns in the shale. He found a vein, one might call it, of human remains, including giants, as identified by Wilton Krogman, who literally wrote the book on human anatomy. Conrad submitted a specimen, a calvarium, the top of the skull, to the Smithsonian Institution, who confirmed his finding as human, then freaked out when he told them where he got it.

Conrad has battled the bogus scientistas and several years ago, when long distance charges were exorbitant, tricked two academics who colluded to falsify evidence. Ed Conrad fulfilled a request and forwarded a thin section of lithified human bone for analysis to a McGill University academic and was told no sign of the Haversian Canals, the tubules in bone, were present. Conrad had the other part of the specimen and Haversian Canals were clearly present. About that time, Conrad had been getting a parallel kind of flack from some Utah university snert and Conrad told the Canadian McGill guy he was going to report him for using university cash for long distance calls to the Utah guy and the bluff worked. The Canadian guy begged Conrad not to turn him in for calling Snert #2 in Utah on McGill’s dime. Good stuff.

BONUS! Ed Conrad has documented a mine disaster with two trapped miners, neither Catholic, both experiencing a vision of Pope John XXIII. The monstrous rescue rig broke down short of the projected site where they were to drill for the miners but they drilled anyway and exactly hit the pocket where the two men were found and rescued. “PROOF OF LIFE AFTER DEATH.”

Conrad’s specimens have been found in a vein that suggests that some horrific event scraped a large area off and deposited remains in a kind of slough where perhaps a high iron content possibly supplemented by boggy acids (that have yielded fabulous bog men remains in various areas) anomalously preserved the soft tissue after rapid deposition and interment excluded air. Kewl. But not politically correct. “MAN IS AS OLD AS COAL.” God bless scrappin’ Ed Conrad.

PS The Native Americans who examined Ed Conrad’s gigantic bones said that ties in with their ancestors who were trying to pass to through the land of giants, were forbidden by them to do so, and so they had to kill the giants to continue their trek.

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