Lawsuit filed to stop buffer zones for abortion clinics in New Hampshire


GREENLAND, N.H. —A group of pro-life activists has filed a lawsuit in an attempt to block a new law allowing buffer zones at abortion clinics across New Hampshire.

Clinics will be given the choice to set up a buffer zone that would keep activists up to 25 feet away from their facilities.

The people behind the lawsuit said the buffer zone impedes on their right to free speech.


Abortion clinic buffer put on hold after court ruling


I hope that all buffer zones are eliminated and promptly. They impede pro-life work.


How would the removal of buffer zones affect or change Pro-Life protests?

I guess this question is for those personally involved with the protests.


I am really interested in this question.

Would anyone currently in sidewalk counseling or protests be willing to fill me in on the differences they would see in their work if the buffers where removed?


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