Lawyer: Charges dismissed against unindicted Twin Peaks bikers


Waco Tribune:

Lawyer: Charges dismissed against unindicted Twin Peaks bikers

Criminal complaints and bond conditions against more than three dozen bikers who were arrested in the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout but who have not been indicted were dismissed this week as a matter of law because the term of the grand jury considering their cases expired, a Houston attorney said Friday.
As of midnight Thursday, the term of the grand jury, which had been extended by three months, expired, meaning the criminal complaints and obligations of bonds against 38 bikers technically were dismissed.

Attorney Paul Looney, who represents William and Morgan English, met with 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson, District Attorney Abel Reyna and Reyna’s first assistant, Michael Jarrett, Friday morning and said the Englishes, who are expecting their first baby, are no longer under the shadow of pending first-degree felony charges or onerous bond restrictions.

“They are just as free of the charges as you and I are,” Looney said. “There are times when it really feels good to be a lawyer, and this is one of those days. They deserve to be let out of it, they are out of it and I couldn’t be happier.”



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