Lawyer of Pakistani accused of blasphemy killed


Washington Post:

Lawyer of Pakistani accused of blasphemy killed

ISLAMABAD — Gunmen in Pakistan killed the lawyer of a man accused of insulting Islam’s Prophet Muhammad Wednesday night, police said. Senior police officer Mahmoodul Hassan said the lawyer, Rashid Rehman, was sitting in his office in the central city of Multan when gunmen opened fire on him.

He said Rehman’s two assistants were wounded in the attack.
Rehman was representing a university professor who is currently facing trial on blasphemy charges, Hasan said.

He said Rehman was also a prominent human rights activist and he had received threats from unknown persons since February, when he decided to represent the professor in the case.

God be good to Mr Rehman, I’m sure he knew he was risking his life for this defendant.


A way to discourage others from doing the same thing. Surely the lawyer knew the danger to take on this case. He showed a lot of courage. I pray God allows good to win over evil.
More than likely this lawyer had a family. May they be protected.
May God bless the soul of this lawyer who gave his life.


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