Lawyer: 'Pawn Stars' Star to Fight Felony Drug, Gun Charges

ABC News:

Lawyer: ‘Pawn Stars’ Star to Fight Felony Drug, Gun Charges

The lawyer representing “Pawn Stars” reality TV star “Chumlee” says he’ll fight felony weapon and drug charges — and sex assault allegations if they’re filed.
Defense attorney David Chesnoff told The Associated Press on Thursday that he’s “looking forward to the truthful conclusion” of the case against Austin Lee Russell.
Russell posted $62,000 bail and was released from jail pending a May 23 court date.

Russell was arrested Wednesday after police say officers serving a search warrant in a sexual assault investigation found methamphetamine, marijuana and a gun at his southwest Las Vegas home.
The 33-year-old was booked on 19 drug-possession charges and one weapon charge.
Russell wasn’t booked on a sex-crime allegation. Police said that investigation stems from a recent complaint by a woman, and is continuing.

Pot and meth? Now we know why he’s such an idiot.

That would explain a lot. :rolleyes:

I wonder if they will drop him from the show…

This conclusion because he was found guilty?

No, most likely from just watching the show.

Your mean “Chumlee” wasn’t in character thats the real dummy?

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