Lawyers to represent ‘unborn’ in case of woman on life support


A team of lawyers will represent the interests of “the unborn” in the High Court case that will decide the fate of a pregnant woman who has been deemed brain dead but remains on life support.
The case will be heard by three judges at a special out-of-term sitting in Dublin this morning. “Time is of the essence,” the president of the High Court, Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns, said on Monday.
The woman has been deemed clinically dead following a brain trauma but, based on legal advice arising from her pregnancy, remains on life support in a hospital. The case is being taken by her father, who wants to have her life support turned off.


More information. Unfortunately, I can see this tragic case being used against the Pro-life movement due to others wanting to change the constitution so as to enable wide spread abortion, in Ireland.

*The father of a pregnant young woman who is clinically dead but remains on life support for legal reasons has said her family are united in wanting her life support turned off and her be “put to rest”.
“My daughter is dead, the chances of the foetus surviving are minimal we have been told. I want her to have dignity and be put to rest,” he told a packed High Court today.
The woman has a number of other young children who have been told the nurses “are looking after Mummy until the angels come”, he said.

When he asked why his daughter was on life support when he had been told she had died, he was told the foetus still had a heartbeat and, under the Constitution, she had to be kept on life support.

The woman, aged in her late twenties, is around 18 weeks pregnant and has been deemed clinically dead as a result of a brain trauma. However, arising from the fact of her pregnancy and issues concerning the legal implications of that, she remains on life support in a hospital outside Dublin*

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