Lax CPR Class

I was at a CPR re-certification class recently. The class was given by a lifeguard company, so presumably, everyone there was a lifeguard who had already been certified, but needed to be re-certified for the upcoming year.

The class consisted of a review session where we’d practice on CPR with dummies, then we’d take a written test and a practical test with the dummies.

During the practice, I was partnered up with a guy who didn’t seem to know what he was doing. I tried my best to help him through it, and then test time came. Half the group went into a different room to take the written test, while half the group stayed to take the practical test, then we switched. My partner and I were put in different groups.

When taking the practical test with the dummies, the instructor, to my surprise, had everyone do CPR on the dummies at once, and didn’t seem to pay a lot of attention to make sure everyone was doing it correctly.

This review was enough for me, and I think most everyone there, to leave feeling confident that they knew how to do CPR. BUT, I feel like for the person I was partnered up with, it probably wasn’t.

At first, I thought I should probably contact someone from the company and tell them what I thought. Then, I realized, I don’t know if my partner had even passed either of the tests. The instructor may have been paying more attention than I realized and may have intervened. Then I thought it would be wrong for me to contact the company and get the instructor in trouble, when he may not have done anything wrong.

What do you all think?

Any thoughts?

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