Lay Appologetics/Theology?

A bit of background up front would be in order. I’m a man in my early 20s with a firm academic leg to stand on, though admittedly my credentials have little to do with religion and spirituality. I have a strong interest in the study of apologetics and theology (what I call the “why” and “how” of faith and dogma), and I like to put the things I learn to practical use, since that calls them readily to mind.

My question is whether or not there is some form of Lay Ministry in which I could be of service to my parish. I’m not talking about as an EMHC or an altar server, since traditionally, at least in my parish, the EMHCs are older than me and the altar servers are younger, and I’ve never liked the attention that comes with rocking the boat. I’m sure my pastor would have some advice in this regard, but I wanted to know what the grand, wise users of CAF think about it, especially any of you involved in serving your parishes with similar talents in learning, retention, and application of knowledge.

I don’t consider myself “old” at 38, but I am older than you to be sure! I too, have solid academic legs to stand on, none of which are in theology. I too feel rather called to learn more and serve more. So, even though MOST EMHC’s at our church ARE older than I am I still stepped up to serve, you should, too. I firmly believe in the power of role modeling and this would role model to a younger generation. I also will begin lectoring ( tomorrow is my 1st). This would give you a chance to try out your legs at reading he word of God in front of a congregation. I also started teaching religious education classes. Because I am doing that I have stepped up my own catechesis and have been taking some online classes and workshops through Boston College C21 online. ( I have been told that BC may not be the best choice-their Dean is atheist???Still, I have found the courses valuable). Check with your Diocese, I know mine has a program for lay people called the Commissioned Lay Ministry program so maybe yours has something similar. I am not involved in this program,so I can’t comment on it; I am holding that as a potential future opportunity. I need to pray about that for a while:) Perhaps down the road the Deaconate would be of interest to you???

My suggestion is take it slowly, take some classes, and pray about it. Move forward in your faith, even if it is doing something small. Since I have been doing this I feel much closer to God and feel much happier in general.

God Bless!

My wife serves as an ambassador at our parish for The Catholicism Project. It is a great way to be a apologetic beacon at your parish.

Please, PLEASE become familiar with your parish’s adult ed or RCIA efforts. There is such a need for enthusiastic teachers who will spend time in research and preparation, and even in training, to work in these areas.

If you choose to work with RCIA, please check out the training sessions offered by the North American Forum on the Catechumenate. They are definitely worth the cost. Click on:

G-d bless you for your efforts.

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