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In my interactions with Christians, Catholics and non-catholics alike, I find alot of ignorance and feel a calling to educate them.
Please I would like to know if the Church has training for lay people who would like to work in the Church as Evangelists, especially educating people about the Catholic Faith.


Formally, you’ll want to look into degree programs, of which there are a number available at different places.

Informally (which may mean no paycheck), look at


I wonder if there’s anything like the informal street evangelists in the UK?


Part of the difficulty in answering your question is that there seems to me to be a lack organization of evangelization efforts. Catholicism is a big “chunk” of information and beliefs. It’s hard to stop somebody on the street and draw them into the Church.

It’s a mystery to me how I hear of Catholics and other Christians converting to Islam. I don’t know how that happens, either.

I support Catholic missions and EWTN radio and TV (or I have in the past) where I think there’s more of a chance of connecting with people who are interested. I used to hear about DRE’s – parish directors of religious education – but much less so than even just 10 or 15 years ago.

I wouldn’t know how to get into prison ministry, for example.

A man I knew left the Catholic Church and was very much more Bible-oriented. He used to go to truck stops along interstates and invite truckers to gather for a Sunday morning service.

The Church faced cultural barriers in preaching to people who knew nothing about Jewish and Christian beliefs – that’s a long story to tell someone.


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