Lay Dominican looking for a job

I am considering beginning the process of joining the 3rd order lay Dominicans. I would like to someday work as a highschool theology teacher or a DRE. Does anyone know if being. Lay Dominican would fulfill the job requirements I.E education/ certifications

My guess would be no. The usual requirements for teaching are a college degree plus some practical experience.

Looking at religion/theology teacher jobs at each of them seems to be asking for a combination of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Theology, Philosophy, or equivalent; teaching experience; strong faith life.

Third orders, oblation life, etc. are about you becoming more closely joined to a community or charism. They do not provide any credentials you do not already possess.

I think the others have written very well and, for what it’s worth, I whole-heartedly agree with them.

But I’m curious, OP (:P), what exactly is it about being a Lay Dominican that you think would prepare you for those jobs? I don’t see the connection and it would be interesting to get your take on that.

My dream job is to teach theology. Unfortunately I don’t currently meet the requirements to teach I.E. Theology degree. I am currently finding it hard to justify burdening my family with the additional $15000+ in school debt in addition to taking a likely pay cut.

I am planning on joining the lay Dominicans for the reasons mentioned above and was just curious if an employer would look at that and see that I am a dedicated catholic who has gone through the formation and study.

Formation and study, unfortunately, don’t provide a diploma and that’s what potential employers are looking for.

Have you considered online programs? One advantage – if that type of program works for you – is that you can take one class per term and possibly be able to afford it better. You can continue your job and don’t have to worry about getting housing on campus. On the other hand, you have to be a self starter since you’re not sitting in class with the same kind of push an in-person instructor can provide.

Understood, but I’m not so sure that Lay Dominican formation is particularly intensive.

Like you, Ryan, I very much so enjoy theology, but I could never justify the cost and time investment versus eventual pay-off, so I do sympathize with you.

While I’m not a Lay Dominican, I do go to a Dominican parish. Our Lay Dominicans are wonderful people, but I don’t think anything they study during their meetings is really worthy of an educational position.

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