Lay Dominicans in Ontario, Canada?


Lay Dominicans (third order) seem to be fairly accessable in the USA but up in the north end of things there is a dearth of online information.

Are there any lay Dominians out here? I feel called to St. Dominic’s charism (discerned with some religious Sisters even) but my call is in the world… I just would love to adopt the lay rule of life.

Can anyone help? I’ve tried contacting the powers that be in Ottawa but the Dominican men don’t seem to be forthcoming on the communication side of things.

… seems like a bit of a paradox… being Dominican and a bad communicator… :wink:


Well being a layperson and wanting to live the Rule of St. Dominic seems more the paradox to me, lol :smiley:

I would give this a shot:

In the message section, explain you are Canadian and they should be able to direct you to where you need to go.:thumbsup:


Ah yes… Well I have contacted them and… No reply…


I haven’t the slightest clue where you are in Canada, but statistically speaking I’m going to guess Ontario.

Try the London Lay Dominicans


Lamentation, thank you for trying to help. :slight_smile: I am in southern Ontario (as mentioned in the title of the thread).

The London Dominican link you gave me is the English province (London England)

Perhaps it is worthwhile mentioning that I’ve been to all the main lay Dominican sites in Canada and the US… Contacted numerous people as listed for general information… And for some months now received no reply. My hope was that if there was a group that maybe wasn’t properly connected online that someone here heard of it in their parish bulletin or something of that nature. Or that I would find some fellow Ontarians who are looking at the secular rule and feeling a similar attraction would prompt a dialogue that might move something forward on the grassroots level as it were.

Again thank you Lamentation for being interested enough in my plight to try and source out information with me. I don’t want to discourage you! :slight_smile:


Well bless me… I’m so used to “London, ON” that I had erroneously assumed.:smiley: I’m in Buffalo myself.

There’s this thread… Glancing through, there was one person I saw who might know someone who’s a lay Dominican in Mississauga…

If that’s not what you’re lookin for, I’ll see what else I can dig up.:cool:


My OP SD is in Ottawa. Try there.

If all else fails, I have an online group for ‘isolate’ Lay Dominicans.



There is a lay Dominican oblate group in Buffalo, NY, I believe, if that’s not too far away for you to travel to. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll try to get contact info for you,


with all due respect, dominicans are all one order now. benedictines have oblates.

mrs cloisters, op


The order is run from Mississauga Ontario. I lost the contact info a while ago I imagine by the time your done reading this your Google search will find if before I find it and respond back.


Actually, not being able to find contact information via Google has been part of my trouble. I will of course try again and let you know how that goes. Thanks for responding.


Edit: I got a hold of my old friend in the first order since the office in Mississauga isn’t there anymore (it was there when I was 12 so sorry for that miscommunication.)

He will be sending the needed information my way and I can forward it here. I’m getting the feeling though that some of our bishops have been giving the order as a whole a hard time and they been moving to the states.

Which is sad.

You may have to cross the boarder to get enrolled in but you will clearly live in canada as normal.

Its a shame if that’s the case.


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