Lay Dominicans...


Hello all, I’m seriously considering becoming a lay Dominican and I’d love to hear from some members.

How has it changed your life and your relationship with Christ?

I feel the call to take my relationship with Christ seriously and think this would be a good way to heed that call.

God bless,


You might try this in the “Vocations” thread. I know a blogger who’s a lay Dominican,


Bl. Pier Frassati was a lay Dominican–you might want to read up on his life :slight_smile:


There is one popular radio commentator here in the Philippines who is proud to be a Third Order Dominican. It is great to hear him on radio and defend the faith whenever he’s given the chance.


Don’t forget the most famous Lay Dominican of all - St Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church :wink: :angel1:



Any lay Dominicans’s out there?

I have my first meeting tomorrow, so please pray for me if you can.

God bless,


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