Lay professions, and Protestant seminaries

I’m Catholic and engaged. I’d like to consider a career in the Church, but obviously couldn’t become a priest. What other options am I looking at? I’m also rather interested in a nondenominational (albeit evangelical Protestant) seminary in my area, but would that even do me any good, in my career or my faith?

Well at the parish level there are usually a few positions for administration and faith formation. The number of positions depends on the size of the parish (number of parishioners) and the financial situation (how much extra money the parish has for hiring). We have around 5 full-time paid positions at my parish, not counting the priest. Getting hired for one of these is very competitive. There are frequently temporary part-time positions created as the need arises. It is my understanding that most of people working in full-time positions started their careers elsewhere and are just ending their careers working for the parish. The parish does not pay all that well. I don’t know about the diocese level. Maybe there are some support positions there.

I hope you do not refer to Multnomah University (formerly Multnomah County Bible College).

We could offer a more informed opinion if you would name the seminary in question.

I would recommend against a “nondenominational” (aka Protestant) seminary.

Catholic options would be:

  1. Catholic Distance University, John Paul the Great Univerisity, etc
  2. Many Catholic Colleges/Universities have Theology degrees and/or certificates
  3. Most, if not all, Catholic Seminaries have Theology degree offerings and programs for Lay Catholics

Try contacting for info. Or try contacting The Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities at Ask both if they have a list of degrees / programs of Universities in your area or who on online degrees.

There is also, but I don’t know much about them.

Finally, here are some threads on this:

Also try googling “online catholic theology degree”

But please stay away from any non-catholic colleges/seminaries and also stay away from any web programs which are on this RED list

God Bless!

David, it is called Fuller Theological Seminary.

Lay Ecclesial Healthcare Minister (Chaplain)

Watch the video:

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