Lay saints appearing in priestly robes?


According to Wikipedia, one person who claims to have been miraculously healed at the intercession of the Italian Judge Rosario Livatino, whose beatification procedure is pending, claims he appeared to her wearing priestly robes, even though he was a layman in life.

What could be the reason for such a peculiar choice of attire? Are there any other examples of lay saints appearing dressed as though they were priests?

Obviously, I know laymen used to wear cassocks as unordained bishops-elects, lay abbots or lay cardinals, but that was a technicality relating to the governance of the earhly church, so this would be something different.


Maybe he was wearing something like baptismal robes? :thinking:


Or the robes of a judge?


I still wonder what was meant by ‘priestly robes’ actually, especially given that translation was involved, so precision may be less than ideal. A cassock? Or something more along the lines of liturgical attire? A stole would be pretty unmistakable. But yeah, a judge’s robes could be mistaken for a cassock, I guess.


At one point all of those assisting at Mass would have worn a toga and even the deacons androhen ministers would have worn chasuble the derivative vestment of a toga. The only distinction would have been in the duties at the altar and by the faifthful personally know wether the person was a deacon, priest, acolyte, or whatever.



he might had the desire to become a priest ,so Jesus fulfilled it after his death .

like for example st St. Gemma Galgani

Gemma wished to become a nun, but her poor health prevented her from being accepted. She offered this disappointment to God as a sacrifice.

Gemma predicted that the Passionists would establish a monastery at Lucca; this came to pass two years after her death. Today, Gemma’s relics remain at the Passionist monastery in Lucca and thus entered the convent after her death .

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