Layman missionary?


Hi! I’m growing more interested every day in working in missions. but as a layman. I heard this can be done, and wanted to confirm it. My idea is to help evangelize communities but also help with the countrie’s social problems (crime,drug abuse, poverty). Also i have to admit i DO like traveling and meeting different countries, so this is also a motive for me.

General advice,experiences and such is greatly welcome. Also i don’t know about the organization of missions, how your destination is chosen, so if anyone could shed light on the subject that would be great,


If you are in Canada check these:

Scarboro Missions is a Society of Canadian Catholics, priests and laity, motivated by the Spirit, who dedicate themselves to the person, teaching and mission of Jesus Christ as expressed in his words:

“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

Fr. Roger Brennan on steps with students Founded in 1918 by Fr. John Mary Fraser to train and send priests to China, the China Mission College grew quickly and evolved. Today we are known as Scarboro Missions, a society whose members serve not only in China, but elsewhere in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Canada.

The prophetic vision of Vatican Council II reawakened the baptismal call of all Catholics to actively participate in the mission of Christ. It especially revealed the vital witness of laity and the unique gifts that they offer to further God’s Reign in the world. Since 1974, single men and women, as well as married couples, have been invited to join with Scarboro priests as global missioners for Christ and His Church.

Today we go forth as priests and laity in a variety of new ways, as missioners united by a common spirit and a passion to make known the love of God that is transforming all peoples and cultures.


Contact the vocations director for your diocese.

He’s not only there for those discerning the priesthood. He can help you with a lay vocation in the Church as well.:thumbsup:


Look up lay missionary organisations

Decide is it education, religious education, pastoring, or what area you would like and where,
I think it’s all volunteer work though, could be wrong


Maryknoll missionaries besides its religious order members also includes lay members. You can find out more information here:

[maryknoll lay missioners](“maryknoll lay missioners”)


Thanks for the answers, it’s been helpful! I will contact missionary groups and talk with a priest about it, to actually know what this is about.


In the United States, you may also be interested in the Lay Mission Helpers. They have opportunities for those desiring to commit long term (3 years).

Additionally, there is a sister organization called the Mission Doctors Association for physicians and dentists. The MDA has both short- and long term opportunities.


Have a similar wish to help in the Missions. My field is education but willing to do whatever is required by thearticular Mission & Mission rhanisation. Does anyone know who to contact if from UK & wishing to help missions in Asia? Thank you.


You could try third orders of religious missionary sisters/brothers.
for example third order of the sisters of mother Teresa

or the third order of Institute of the Incarnate Word.


All great suggestions, but what about helping the homeless, needy and marginalized? I help out with a homeless mission locally that feeds and cares for the homeless and needy right in my own back yard (well, not physically in my backyard, but in my community). I also do jail ministry, as there are men and women there that need our help too. As FrDavid96 said, contact the vocations director for your diocese, as he should be able to help you out if you want to stay local. I’m all for helping anyone in any country, but I feel those who live in our own communities sometimes don’t get top billing, so that is where I always feel called.

God bless you for looking into this.



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