Layout of the Typical Mass

Could someone give me a broad outline of what goes on? I’ve been before, but I haven’t put two and two together, so to speak, in regards to the order and meaning of everything that goes on.

Some help?

Not sure exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe this will help.

well, since u posted in the traditional catholic section, maybe u were talking about the TLM, instead of the Novus Ordo?

Here is a copy of the order of the Traditional Latin Mass:

I just realize the title says the typical mass, I guess u meant the Novus Ordo. here is a link to the text of the order of Mass (Novus Ordo)

Note: The above referenced links are all to a typical and/or traditional Mass for Sunday. If you attend a daily Mass, the format is condensed from 45-60 minutes down to about 30 minutes. The Nicaean Creed, for example is not said, nor is the Gloria said or sung.

I recommend daily Mass to everybody, because it has (typically) less distractions and is more conducive to figuring out what is happening.

PS if you have time, I also recommend the book “Catholic for a Reason - Vol 3, Scripture and the Mystery of the Mass”.

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