Lazarus and no Scrutinies

Can the cycle A readings be read at a mass when the scrutinies are not being celebrated? I was just watching the Saturday evening mass at my church on a local TV channel this morning, and the deacon who read the Gospel and delivered the homily read the story of the raising of Lazarus. Our deacon serves at the masses the 3rd Sunday of each month, It might be so he wouldn’t have to prepare two homilies since the scrutinies are celebrated at one of the 3 weekend mass at my church

Im guessing yes. We have the same situation. The Scrutinies will be done at the 1130 Mass today, but all Masses are getting the Lazarus reading regardless.

I’m not sure. The scrutinies were celebrated at the 5:30 pm Mass Saturday night, but at the Mass this morning they read the Cycle C Gospel - the woman found committing adultery. So, I don’t really no.

The Scrutinies are an option for the 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of Lent. We usually use them in the presence of the RCIA members (Elect). But they are also meant for all of us to “search out” in ourselves what we need to change/see/become in the light of the Gospels and Readings. :shrug:

Technically if there are no Elect (those being Baptized at teh Easter Vigil) the cycle C readings should have been read.

and the Cycle “C” reading speaks about receiving forgiveness, even for serious sins, with the requirement of “go and sin no more”.

OK, dumb question here…:confused:

What are “scrutinies”? I checked the Catholic Encyclopedia, no real help there.

The Scrutinies are an integral part of the RCIA process where the Elect are called to make a deeper examination of themselves as they prepare to conclude their spiritual journey and are getting ready to enter the Church.

Thank you.

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