Laziness in praying

I have a problem.I am extremely lazy when it come to praying.But I like to attend mass,read catholic books,read catholic articles etc in the internet.Also when I attend mass I cannot concentrate.Mind just keeps on wandering.And I never feel energized or happy after attending a mass.Often feel if there is a point in attending mass without concentrating and praying?Is that the reason why I dont feel it as an experience
There are some many days in which I dont pray for even 1 minute
Any practical suggestions on how to be a bit more enthusiastic about praying?

It isn’t that you are lazy, but you have to have deteermination to pray.

It shouldn’t be that dicciicult at all. Youo mention you have distractions. Do they stay in your mind continoudsdly?

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder where something is on your mind and it is very taxing to get rid of it.

Askk your pastor aboutu this.

In His Divine Mercy

First off I would say don’t view prayer as a chore you must do. You should love to pray and should freely choose to do it. Prayer is simply communicating or talking to the Divine. It’s a joy to pray. If you don’t feel like praying , that is when you SHOULD pray. Even if you don’t “feel” anything or get anything out of it as many people expect when they pray, just thank God and be happy you could talk to someone as mighty as Him. And with the mass: if you catch yourself getting distracted refocus yourself and humbly offer your distraction to God. And when you receive the Blessed Sacrament don’t expect to feel anything and don’t think that if you don’t feel anything you’ve done something wrong or aren’t holy enough. That’s not the case. Just thank God for allowing you to receive Him in the flesh. Praise Him. There is a point to going to mass even if youre distracted. Remember that faith isn’t about feelings. Now adays too many Christians think that it’s all about feeling good and getting something out of mass. That’s not always the case. Soegimes you’ll feel empty and that’s when God is testing your love for Him. But just pray more throughout the day. Even a simple prayer that takes 3 seconds to say is better than nothing at all.

Have you ever heard the term “practicing one’s faith”? In addition to it meaning that you follow all the ‘rules,’ so to speak, it means that you actually practice in the sense that you are training. Think about it in terms of sports: any serious athlete knows that if you get out of the habit of practicing, then your muscles and your skill level will start to drop off. There may be days when an athlete really just does not want to work out, but he knows that if he does not, it will be to the overall detriment of his game.

So the same can be said of the spiritual life. Sure, it is much easier to disengage from prayer. But it will be to the overall detriment of your spiritual game.

Since praying is talking, you need to focus on whom you are talking to. Praying isn’t just saying standard prayers, but actually speaking from the heart. A statue or picture helps keep you focused. When saying the rosary, keeping your eyes on the crucifix is a big help in talking to Jesus or Mary. During Mass I sometimes look to see if I can see the angels that I know are there in the sanctuary. I haven’t, yet, but it helps keep me focused on what the priest is saying and doing. I picture the angels bowing in adoration, especially at the Consecration. When praying to a saint, if I don’t have a picture or statue near, I try to picture that saint in my mind as I pray. That makes that encounter with the saint very personal, as it actually is. If, as you pray, you make each prayer a meeting with the person you are petitioning, praying is not hard. No more so than if that person were visible and sitting next to you.

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