Laziness vs rest and work


Hi, I dont know how to combine work with rest. I mean I am afraid that if I dont work enough and help, then I will waste time on phone or just lay.
Im afraid that I will sin every time laying and checking mobile internet because I could spend more time with family, work, do something for them. I dont know.


Probably a good idea to speak to a counsellor.


Based on this and your posting history, it is probable that you are scrupulous. You really need to speak to a priest and maybe a counselor, and do not ask these kinds of questions here. It will not help you, and it will only further your condition.

You are in my prayers.



But Im only asking about a normal thing that is for healthy people


Because Im afraid that I will have to go to daily Mass, pray a lot, work, help my parents and others and overall be better and when I fail to do that I will sin.


Can you answer


You sound like a very young person. What I would suggest, as a now 61 year old young person myself, is to be patient with the things you fear, especially failure. We all go through something like this. Fear of failure is quite normal. Fear of Daily Mass and prayer and of helping your parents? Well, if you don’t want to do these things I can see how failure may loom in your future. But again, fearing them will not accomplish anything. Since you’ve posted your concerns it seems evident that you would like some answers. As a previous poster said, I think you would benefit greatly from speaking with a counselor or your parish Priest. These forums are great for many things but can only take one so far. Blessings to you, B.


You know what you have to do, @Babinicz. Go to a doctor.

The reality is, we can’t help you. Every time you make one of these threads, we cannot give you the answer you need. You need to start helping yourself. Go to a doctor, speak to your Priest. Do it now.


What do you think I’m doing now? On my phone :iphone: on the couch.

If you work 40/week, use your free time as you wish.


Once again, this poster is a terrible case of scrupulousity, and any non-perfunctory replies which don’t suggest seeing a priest could feed his disorder. Just thought I’d spread the word. God Bless!


I’ll let the Moderators make the call on this one.


Honestly, though, this is very bad for him, as it is for all scrupulous posters. I know it’s not strictly my call, but it’s quite hard watching well-intentioned posters inadvertantly feed his disorder. I’m sorry if I came across as a little impatient, that was not my intention.


Agree. Everyone wants to help, but the reality is no-one can, except the OP himself. Which is what he needs to do, pronto. Stop posting and get some help, OP. Seriously, you will never get peace from these thoughts until you do.


I always wish there was a way to find these threads early. Or a ‘scrupulousity’ flagging option. You can see how much worse this must make it for him. :frowning:️ We can just hope he follows our advice one day.


I think I’m going to PM the mods and ask what the best course of action is with these types of threads. Not necessarily the “is X a sin” threads, but the ones posted repeatedly by the same user, who isn’t getting any help from creating them.


That sounds like a good plan. Please report back.


The best course of action, as I’ve advised and as the mods have concurred, is to flag the thread with “Something else,” putting “scrupulosity” in the text box, and to encourage the OP to seek offline help. And then to stop responding to the thread.


I thought that this kind of question isnt counting as scrupulosity.


I have sent a PM, I will let you know what the answer is.

Thanks, @edward_george1. I think you’re right and that’s what I’ll be doing in the future.


It’s not really one that can be answered without more info than we can get on a forum. It is possible to work yourself into exhaustion. This is something better discussed with a good therapist who can teach you to understand your own needs.

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