LCMS and Presidential election

Does the President of the LCMS synod endorse or suggest to its parishioners who to vote for in the presidential election?


Q: What is the LCMS’ stance regarding clergy promoting political candidates in the pulpit?

A: Pastors are strongly advised not to use the pulpit or any resources of a congregation to advocate for a particular political candidate. They may make their congregations aware of issues and encourage the members to become informed regarding the candidates’ stand on these issues. They may also as individual citizens speak favorably of a particular candidate away from the pulpit and public church functions. It should also be kept in mind that the IRS has strict rules about separation of church and state, and there are organizations in our society that are very vigilant in looking for churches that are breaking these rules, that is, advocating for a particular political party or candidate.

Thank you Alex. I never thought of the tax implications. I will ask for this thread to be closed as the question has been answered from the official LCMS site and obviously tax implications weren’t on my mind as common sense should have dictated!~

The reason I asked is because I know the LCMS and CC share a very pro life view in case anyone wants to know. :slight_smile:


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