LCMS and WELS Inter-Communion

I just read on another thread that they don’t share the same communion table. I found it strange.

Why is that?

There is, honestly, very little difference between the two but what little that separates the two does separate them. Lutherans are big on calling out our sins; this has extended to the Synodical level (particularly in America, Australia and other places where Lutheran missionaries made homesteads), where each Synod can be said to be “responsible” for its siblings - calling the others to repentance when they err or (more commonly) do not do enough to correct error. Missouri did not act quickly or decisively enough to remove the liberal influences that had infected it in the 1960’s. That has changed now, and I see a future where the two will reach full fellowship again. The leaders still meet and the bodies are constantly in talks to work closer together.

Pastors Lorfeld and Brown do a good job of outlining the basic issues between WELS and the LCMS. Pastor Lorfeld expands further.

I suppose you could characterize it as being similar to the Catholic and Orthodox. We both practice close communion, and since we do not have absolute unity of doctrine, we do not share the Eucharist.

In an ancedotal sense, I’ve noticed most LCMS pastors I know would gladly commune WELS/ELS Lutherans. It seems to be the reverse that is the case.

Most would even welcome ELDoNA Lutherans! :eek: :smiley:

I think House can speak most clearly from the WELS side. I know that virtually any Lutheran, after a brief conversation with our pastor, would be welcomed to receive. A lot has to do with circumstances. The parish I belong to is the only Lutheran one in the county, and we often look at that as an important factor.


Thanks for the replies!

Feel free to send me a pm if the subject is too delicate and it would be inappropriate to post it here.

If it is, my apologies.

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If a Lutheran feels this topic is too delicate to discuss out in the open, then I would ask them to take a good learnin’ as to how Lutheran church bodies work. The Synods know what divides them, and they’re constantly working to find common ground. Google and peruse the Confessional Lutheran portions of the Interwebs. You’ll see that Lutherans aren’t shy. :smiley:

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Yeah yeah yeah, you are all a rowdy bunch :smiley:

Yeah I googled some stuff but wanted to hear from more reliable sources in innernets knowledges :smiley:

Quick reflection. At my dad’s funeral mass, the LCMS parish I was raised in put in the bulletin the usual Missouri Synod statement that all non-LCMS must speak with the pastor before the service if seeking holy Communion. All my Lutheran relatives of ELCA have already communed at my parent’s parish many times; the pastor clearly knows we are Lutheran & welcomes us.

It was the Roman Catholic relatives that felt ‘put off’ and expressed disappointment that they could not take holy Communion as they have at my own parish.

“All I’m saying I that He died for a–AAAAAHH!! MY THROAT!!”

Yeah, I’ve never understood why those conversations take that turn. No matter which way you dice it, it’s God Who does the work. And we quibble over the wording of the non-part we lowly worms [don’t] play in the big picture?

That said, UOJ is the correct view, and anyone who says different is supporting a limited atonement!! :mad: Just kidding. :smiley: I think? :hmmm:

eewww…no, no limited anything, other than limited Calvinism.

WELS Lutheran checking in.

WELS and LCMS are separated primarily because of the Seminex Controversy in the 70s. The WELS separated from the LCMS.

Since he controversy, there have been active talks of reunification and I hope and pray they are successful. Still each synod holds the other accountable, for this I thank the LCMS, they pulled us back from the brink of pietism. The last vestiges of it are slowly being purged from our denomination.

Really I talked to my pastor about this just last Sunday. There is pretty much nothing that separates a conservative LCMS and a WELS. And he would be happy to commune one if they check in first. Like the RC and EO, LUtheran pastors take the Eucharist seriously and are the gatekeepers so to speak. The idea is not to be mean to others, but to protect them. As Paul says if you eat unworthily your are eating and drinking judgement on yourself.

There is a slightly difference of opinion about women voting, and how ministers are to be called. But those are pretty small differences and irrelevant to our Confessions. I could very easily and without reservation be a member of a conservative LCMS congregation.

Thanks, HH.

Soooo… Anglicanism? :wink:

To be honest, when I first saw the thread title, I thought “Seems a bit esoteric for this forum.” But now that I’ve read it I must say, “Thanks all for the great comments.” :slight_smile:

Yikes, Roman Catholics not being able to receive at a Lutheran parish?? What next! :wink:

:thumbsup: Sounds like you’re halfway there … now how do you feel about Papal Infallibility?


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